A prayer that was shared…

When a bird🐓🐓 is alive it eats ants🐜🐜but When a bird dies ants eat it. Time ⏰⌚ & circumstance can change at a period, try as much🙅🙅as u can Neva🙅 to devalue😠😠 or hurt😡🙍 any 1 in life. U may be powerful💪💪 today👇…. but remba time⌚ is more powerful💪 than you👉!!! One☝tree 🌴makes a million matches 🎿🎿🎿, but when the time comes, one matches ☝ is needed to burn 🔥🔥a million trees🌴🌴🌳🌴🌲.
I pray👏🙏 4 u 👉today
(1) You will find 😳 favor with someone you don’t expect, Amen.
(2) You will be too relevant 😉to be ignored😒😞, Amen.
(3) You will encounter GOD😇👼 and will never remain🙇 the same, Amen.
(4) The grace 🙌🙌 for completion👌 will come on you, you shall be blessed till the blessed call you blessed, Amen.
(5) The hand 👐✋that will send📮 📲this message📡✉ to others👥👤 shall not labor in vain, Amen.
(6) The mouth 👄saying ”Amen” to this prayer👏🙏 shall laugh😄😃😀 forever, Amen.
Very soon and I say Very Very soon, GOD is going to do a miracle🌟✨💥 and lift u up👐👐 4 the best… Remaın blessed!!!
Very soon,
Ur family wil say 2 U:- I’m proud of U….👍🌹
Ur frnds will say:- I’m happy 4 U….🌼🌼
Ur mates will say:- I wish I were u….🌹🌹
Ur enemies will say:- U have a migthy God….✨👑
By d time ur glory will explode💥, sudden death will not take u away. Amen 🌄🗽U will excel 4rm 1 region 2 another…..🌾🌴
Ur generation will b filled with wealth & riches. We shall ‘Faith’ it and KNOW it will come to pass 4 God’s promises are Life, Amen
And by God’s awesome grace we live, Amen

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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