What we have been given.

Good Morning! May The Awesome God we serve lift you up on His bosom as you walk through the day and by His grace and in His will provide you with all you need- stay in Him, stand fast. We shall experience a permanence in His Love, never ending, always beyond our comprehension, Amen

Jesus, check it out JESUS was sent to ‘right’ EVERY wrong. Still Satan attempted to kill the physical aspect of Him when he was unable to shake The Spiritual aspect of Him.

And he was kinda successful😢 BUT it made God’s infinite power and AUTHORITY over ALL evident, Amen

We have a foe, that has already been vanquished. Check this out, in the Spiritual realm there is no time, only permanence. Though we have shared this, I state it again “1000 years are like a day, and watching, sensing and Quarterbacking makes a 24 hour period equivalent to a 1000 years.” Let us once again see some of the scripture that in the 3 main world religions (and beyond) possess identicalities. Amen
We here on Earth see death as the ‘end’ of it all. As long as we keep on the path that has been mapped out to for EVER and our keep eyes both in the physical and spiritual fixed on Jesus, it is done! Amen

Heard that song? “Keep your eyes on Jesus, Satan wants you. Straight ahead!” Keep those eyes fixed on Who is, What is and Glory, Where is our ALL, Amen

We are guaranteed a place in for EVER, being ALL ways washed in God’s unspeakable GLORY, Amen In such away that when we shake off the overflow, we sprinkle some on others. They get hungry, thirsty…whatever! How, who, where, what do they ask… And you simply state “God through Jesus!”
Think about this, there is no distinction in Islam, Chrstianity or Judaism concerning the creator – El Shadai is, was and forever will be CREATOR of ALL both seen and unseen.
We live in a time when so much is based on what We can see. To a certain degree, senses are ‘somewhat’ trusted. This is where ‘faithing’ it comes into stark play. What we have not seen, yet is. What we have sensed in the Spirit far ahead of its time. We see, taste, feel the essence of God ALL AROUND! Amen
On each day, reasons to give praise! We do as we are led, we have, we do and know in Faith, Amen
It is a blessing to be able to write to His Glory, Amen
Paul so many times was writing from His sick bed! He even shares how we are to be in times of need. An example. He was given a ‘thorn’ in the side and through it all he was able to do ALL things through Christ who strengthened him. Amen. And we read:
Why at times, do we have difficulty? To learn! Cast ALL your care on to Jesus, He Loves you! Woe, try as we might, Scripture bears underlining in bold strokes. Be well.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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