Chapter 11

Chapter 11


Wow! Rather than write I will share:

So much to say, a lot is made evident. Mixing had occurred. We are all one people! I am aware that there are differences. If you have realized I simply draw all from The Word. Yes, this is not The Word, but a historical ‘researched’ account of what is.

I am aware that this ‘chapter’ has primarily been about history, but as all of us have at times wondered- “why?” Or “Just how?”, the ‘how comes’ will be answered, probably not in this time or e e or even in this existence. The most awesome thing is when it does it will NOT matter!!! We might call this His-story, it really is. We are a key part of His-story. A lot might nod and say “We are…” But, let me point out that we are a part of His-story. We might seek to remain on the sidelines and watch ‘ the championss’ go by as we sit on the sidelines.

Wait! Let me get this straight! Name two incredibly famous or popular individuals! What makes them popular? Their abilities! Am I right? Sports, Music, Science, Art, Tecnology…The list goes on and is never ending. But just ‘what’ makes them ‘famous’, ‘popular’, ‘well known’? There desire to be. Whatever ‘talent’ is possessed by am individual-it is within you. Yes, I will not deny-many are ‘connected’, ‘lucky’, just happened to be at ‘the right place at the right time’. What ‘reasons’ will we give? Musicians practice, usually non stop until (and even afterwards) until they ‘make it; an engineer is always striving to improve her or his skills. It goes on in every one of life’s “potential” successes.

People who have, work for it and keep working; not being ready to give up so soon. We might have heard something to this effect “When you fall ‘dust’ yourself off and try again.” There are so many sayings that express this ’emotion’ or ‘thought’. What I am coming to realize is that there are those who are satisfied with having accomplished what they have and are ready to ‘sit still’. There are others who have accomplished and are still seeking more. I have to say, these are those to whom “The sky is the limit!” Of their dreams, accomplishments, who they are, what they do. Look around and realize that those ‘above’ you are always striving. Even if they stumbled on a piece of luck. When there, they strive for more.

A few examples, I am aware that we have wandered off from The Bible, heading back to it. We see that one individual who is commended for his actions is Job. We are aware that God built a wall around him and he flourished. Do we have a wall around us in the Spirit that is translated in very visible in the ‘physical’. The Word is for example and so that we can and will have direction.

Once again, let me stray off the ‘beaten path’ for a bit. After the coming of Jesus which changed all life, the times, His-story of the world. We are aware that even the calendar was affected by His coming. Yes, we can go back and see how dates are created/established in the interest of time:

We are here because we were created for a purpose. Have we realized what that is? The how’s and why’s which make the “probably”- definite.

So, I throw yet another challenge, “why are you here?” I am aware that we Have done this before. I do it again with a realization that it needs to be said because you are here for a purpose. We might not have realized it yet. Just as I did prior, I state again “Time to realize ‘why’ you are here.” All have a purpose, few may realize it. There have always been ‘differences’ since the garden. Man does the work requiring what he has been blessed with. Woman the same.

I know that there are households that the roles are reversed. But isn’t this just what is defined? We are made in His image. I have continuously defined God as God. In terms of a Who God is, God is Spirit neither He nor Her; but IS. We are told in The Word that God is both a Father and a Mother. Funny, it is ‘safer’ to call God, God and leave all the rest in the wind.

Here, though I have stated that I will try not to. The beauty of the high Angel was breathtakingly awesome. We might ‘wonder’ how Jesus in his ‘faint’ body, put to the ultimate test by His fast realized that it was truly Lucifer. A lot of things are beyond our comprehension and I know that in a period they may come to be known or not known to us. And we can read here:

So let me ask: “What is your story?” Yes, I understand your story is part and parcel of His-story. Are you going to ensure that it is so? When you reach the ‘end of the road’, what will your-story tell? Excuses? Reasons why??? I am sure it will be pointed out “Attempts made.” We have to ensure that we are where we need to be. Are you praying? Do you talk to God on a constant basis? Or is He your Sunday colleague? We have to ensure that we have a ‘relationship’ with our ‘Maker’.

To lay it out, there are suggestions on how this should be. Are you a believer? I have to ask, what does this mean? I didn’t ask if you were a ” Jesus-cian “, I am aware that it is saying the same thing. When you fill out a form, it usually asks for identification. Religion is one of these ‘identities’, we can see that it is divided into specific blocks Christian, Agnostic, Other (specify) here I am moved to say we make a decision to decide just what that is. In deciding do we not realize that even though we may not realize it, we are saying we believe- or do you? Yes; the same Word we have been quoting says “Do not judge!” We are not judging, but rather reaching for the actuality that defines you as what you are.

More importantly, the import of Love! We can ‘be’ so much, ‘do’ so much, we have shared the import of Love. In fact, in saying “I 1 Corinthians 13 you” is appropriate as we say. However if it lacks…. I will share.

“And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.”

1 Corinthians 13:2

Essentially if you are deeper than deep but have no Love, you are nothing and have nothing. Just what is Love? 1 Corinthians 13 says it all. Measure your acts up and ‘feel them out’, no one can be more ‘truly analytical’ than you. So even if you have ‘gifts’ that are possessed by few, they have to be underwritten and underridden with Love.

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