In God’s image? Like God? Are we god’s…

A little difficult to understand; let me start by saying we are all made in His image, both Male and Female. God is Spirit, the Heavenly host are Spirits. Some have experienced this and them on Earth. I took to thinking in the past as Angels being male or female. They just are. As we are, so are they.

We have spoken about Angels being seen ascending and descending between planes. There has been reason to do so. We each have a guardian angel as believers. Have you thanked God for this?

As we stated in the past “Mighty dread had filled their ‘troubled’ minds, the Angel of The Lord came down and glory shone around.” We are told What was experienced with the sighting of Angels. God created all, each with a purpose. To surround Him with praise an honor. There are different forms. At the entrance to the garden of Eden there are Angels with flaming swords to prevent all who would enter therein.

There are ‘explorers’ who have sought this place, if it exists. Yes, God may have at first placed it here. The unbeaten fruit is the question that has new or man for all time. Is it??? Or is it not? We are aware of certain inexplicable ‘mysteries’ that surround us this day and age. I will leave that well alone.

In the garden was the tree of life. What we will discuss was Adam and Eve not partaking of the tree of life. That would have changed life as we know it even more. Yes, things here are ‘physical’ in the Spiritual everything is different. We go back to the book of Genesis, on Earth God dirt created all other living forms prior to creating a keeper of call in His form. Yes, in His form but with Earthly attributes.

I am made aware of this secondary to my experience. In our dreams, we do not have a physical body. But we see ourselves. Unlike a dream where everything is ‘controlled’, time, place, conditions. Where we are in our dreams is controlled. More so, when we dream we have the possibility of being drawn into ‘not so awesome places.’ Think about it, in your dreams do you express Love? No judgement, unfettered belief in all things? Basically, are your dreams 1 Corinthians 13 material?

More so, when it comes to Spiritual life, Yes! We must seperate it from the physical. Think- dreams! Just what are they? Many people who have had a dream which they believe to be from God, called “spiritual dreams,” know how frustrating they can sometimes be. These dreams are often full of intimidating and bizarre symbolism which leave us scratching our heads asking, “Lord, what in the world are you trying to tell me through this?!”

As one who has long been fascinated by this subject and who has been interpreting dreams for many years I want to share with you some guidelines which will greatly help you in interpreting your dreams and the dreams of others.

The most common mistake is to interpret our spiritual dreams literally. Often a woman will dream of being raped. This most often represents not a criminal act which is soon to occur, but rather an emotional or spiritual robbing of something near and dear to the person. Dreams are very cryptic and symbolic in nature and we must be careful to know when to take an element literally and when to see it as representative of something else.

Be aware that individuals can sometimes represent types of people rather than themselves. For example, you repeatedly dream of the same person from your high school days they could be representing a certain type or class of person (the wild party girl, the neglected social outcast, etc.). God will often use a person you have strong opinions of (negative or positive) to represent types of sin or types of generations or age groups He’s directing you to minister to. The valedictorian of my senior class represents my generation, and she appears in my dreams every few years when God is communicating messages to me on this subject. When I dream of Amy Clark I know I immediately have part of the dream de-coded.

Always interpret the dream within the overall context of the emotion you felt upon waking. For instance, one person may dream of standing in the midst of rushing water which is rising higher and higher. Two people can have that same dream and one awakens terrified of drowning while another has total peace. The water in one dream may represent impending doom and judgment while in the other it represents the power of the Holy Spirit. One has to analyze their emotional reaction to the dream. When you are first awakened are you excited, empowered, scared, or confused? If you are just confused with no overtly positive or negative impression then you’ll realize that this third guideline doesn’t help you and you’ll be glad this article was free! No seriously, this just means you’ll have to struggle a little harder to arrive at the dream’s meaning, but you can still decode it with a little time and prayer.

There are no universal standard meanings for the symbols in your dreams. Besides a few common symbols that are universal, we each have our own unique “dream vocabulary” that we get the joy of discovering over time. We all seem to have particularly unique symbols for the demonic realm. In my mother in law’s dreams they’re alligators, in others’ dreams they’re snakes, in mine they’re bearded, tattooed men on motorcycles! It’s a long story – don’t ask. For someone who grew up with dogs that were treated like family members, dogs in their dreams could represent safety and divine oversight. For a person who was mauled as a child and is terrified of dogs today, the presence of a dog in their dream could be indicative of danger or an attack from the enemy. The same holds true for common objects, colors, animals, or geographic locations. Every person’s dream vocabulary is unique and has to be gradually discerned.

I hope these four guidelines will help you in better interpreting your dreams. But these guidelines will be useless if you don’t record your dreams. Be sure to keep a notebook next to the bed or a recording device for later dictation and record the dream immediately upon awakening. Rest assured that when you ask God for wisdom in interpreting your dreams, He will provide it. Also be encouraged that He has gifted some in the Body of Christ with a specific gift of dream interpretation and they can be very helpful for especially difficult dreams.

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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