Something we can share with 1 Corinthians 13 individuals in our lives, our existence..


Ever thought “How lucky I am to know you!” Luck? I don’t think so…

Here goes: You find out/realize that you have said “Thank you” until you were blue in the face. Always doing something….anything to bring that smile that warms you up to their face.

Am I a Christian? Yes, but this works in any and all situations.

Once again (I decided than rather than say “Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening or Good Night, I will start to wish you a…hold on! A “God Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night.” God-centered, God-directed, God-led, God-controlled period!)
Adding a cherry on top is saying “I 1 Corinthians 13 you!” (Kinda takes the “I wanna kick it with you” or any of that weary statement making out of the formula) You are you! Each day I realize that more and more.

I used to think that we were ‘supposed’ to meet (“Lucky me” I would say. It actually is more like “blessed me.” God blessed me with you in my life.) It was written/said that we were to meet well before we did.

I do not have to go over things. But even when the water was so deep and I was going down, you stretched out your hand and supported me.
I know, I know…I ramble. But I mean EVERY word I say. Thank you for being you.

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  1. oferano – The author is a soldier in the Army of the Lord valuing her relationship with God above all. She is the wife of Dr. Olakunle Oluwole (Wordpress ‘Injesusname/To God Be The Glory’) and he, along with their four sons are, what she states, her greatest blessing from God!
    oferano says:

    Mo n’ife re

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