God soaked and Holy Ghost filled day to you! May God’s Love search the yearnings of your heart and bring them to be, Amen we pray in The mighty name of Jesus.
Today is THE day that The LORD has made (a new day. Blessed because we made it! You woke up this morning!) We shall be glad and rejoice in it – His Glory fills, illuminates and covers us, Amen
Our needs/wants/prayers have become ‘used to be’s’ as we recieve, Amen! You – God’s offspring, are filled up to spill over as His bounty is given.
Y’all, we are at times moved to keep it for ourselves – understandable, but as you recieve- GIVE! Share, and it will be pored out on you, remember we store up where rust, moth, mildew are not! Best to store up in Heaven. For here, there is a ‘time limit’, THERE ‘time’ does NOT exist, ONLY decisions! Decide right! We have free will- We have been given choice. You were actually created with ‘choice’! Choose right.
Much simpler to be led by our Maker’s Spirit, we at times DO NOT know how to pray. The Spirit prays for and with us! Tears/crying are a prayer of want/need, God sees you! He ALONE knows ALL. And we shall give account of our actions, ACT right. The Word screams with direction, Amen
I will admit that it at times gets so busy that The Word/Prayer/Thanksgiving become ‘washed away/difficult’ in the ‘much’ we do. Did you drift off, doze, sleep? There was ‘time’ for that! There is ‘time’ to pray/thank Him. Be closer to Him, to rest under His wings, Amen
Best to learn it now while there is still ‘time.’ A time to learn just how we shall be!
THERE, there is NO time! ONLY decision. What is a moment in eternity? An experience/a decision! We are at that time permanently ‘fixed’ in our decisions.
Hard to understand ETERNITY. It is the abscence of time. To make it clearer, the absence of light. The LORD has been described as THE light. He created the sun! Now, can or would The Creator create something that was brighter than Himself? Let us take a gander down ‘memory lane.’ Moses, a servant, trending on ‘friend’ of The LORD, spoke with Him, fellowshipped with God’s Spirit. When Moses was moved to ask to see The LORD, he was placed in a crevice until the GLORY passed by and only saw God from the rear.
Nighttime comes after a brilliantly bright day, think about it. After a brilliantly bright day passes by, we see the setting of the sun. Think! The sun does not go away or shine any less brightly. Our position of seeing it changes.
Remember, the Bible is the great book of EXAMPLE. Read it, know it, quote it! It is His-story in the making. Will people hear, read, know about you in the future of His-story?
Let God use you, fill you, guide you! Recieve from God the power and drive to move mountains, to be calm in storms, be still in trial and trust God in ALL, Amen

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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