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Do you know what ‘forever’ means?
Think hard and don’t let it glide on by.
“It is this way, or has been for always!”, in each moment, each second in ALL your ways!
This is an eye-opening ‘share.’

WE are for always, we have come to be for a reason. We have already shared that you discover what your reason is. We look around the world; what gets people so ‘fired up?’ Personal beliefs, wants, needs… If we look back at The story, His-tory- when people focused on ‘why’ they were created, to serve with ALL their hearts and spirit, The Reason for their existence, ‘things’ were all right:



We can see from the links above that we were created to do The Will of our Creator. As we have experienced, read about or heard about at times this is taken to extremes with individuals, groups or belief systems placing their ‘eternity’ at risk. Yes! You are, and will always be. Unfortunately, or for some fortunately- there is NO recycling. There is continuance of the decisions we made in this existence. We go on! But where?



We can go on and on. There is NO ‘time’ after you pass. ‘Time’ is for this existence. When you cease this life you move into an existence based on your actions/decisions. We ALL have the power to decide which way/what we shall do or be. A decision of atheism is profound. IF you are at a place and ‘review’ your life and decisions, was there a DECISION to ‘not believe.’ The decision is yours, yes! We have shared that in this existence, we have choice. To make it scientifically, religiously and theoretically clear – we exist as we made our decision (which is solely ours to make) places us. Yes, as stated there are atheists; where did you come from? We can look at this solely scientifically; DNA, genetics, inheritance… The whole ‘nine’! Basically, you are a product of two individuals. You have traits (or none at all) of genetics passed down.
So, your parents are to account for who you are, how you are, why you are? Let us pander on the edge for a millisecond. Is all this ‘hoopla’ factual? Is it possible? Ok, so for a second let us look at evolution:
Yes, Charles Darwin started the ‘move’ toward evolution being the ‘key’ to life. You can search the above and see the arguments.

However, the counter side:



You might ask why we quote so many on this side of the ‘reasonng?’ The founder of the theorem that has been argued into fact and ‘proven’ is Charles Darwin.
A number of things come up:
1. The qualities of Man in comparison to the qualities of all other species. In the movie series “Planet of the apes.” Genetic shifts are utilized to create quite a story line.
Speech? Movement? Intelligence? We ‘supposedly’ are all made in His image. To be ‘Religiously’ correct, we as an existing species were created last. We are still (Biblically speaking in the 7th period of creation.) To understand (or try to): a ‘day’ is 24 hours, the time it takes for the Earth to revolve around the sun. ‘Scientifically’ the position of Earth from the Sun is key to explaining Man’s existence. The conditions were perfect! Distance from The Sun, growth of vegetation, OXYGEN! Why, would I ask are these conditions found anywhere else?
Two sides to that argument- ‘Chance/luck’, everything ‘being right versus It was and is the way it is and was meant to be.

In being this ‘intelligent’ species, we ‘took over’ the Earth. If there was a greater ‘force,’ would it not be primed to go? We currently are working on ‘alternate’ life forms with ‘intelligence,’ might I point out that this ‘intelligence’ is Man made/created. So, we create a ‘lesser’ us. It is all a matter of what we want/desire. A ‘lesser’ form us; with the Man created speed of creating ‘new eras.’ On this topic, I have to bend to the spiritual side of things.

In all other ‘days’ of creation (which amount to periods) if we look at The Bible in Genesis ALL came first. In the 6th period Man was created. We have come to understand that man was worked on in this ‘period.’ Yes, I can acquiesce and give some credence to ‘caveman’ all in the final day (6th day) in the creation of Man. Again, I will dally on the edge and state that speech, knowledge, feelings are all based on something. If we can ‘stretch’ our minds to hold on to the concept that as ‘Man’, we have what other species do not have.



Once again we refer to Darwinism. I have absolutely no problem with theory, we have gained and advanced on the precepts put forward.

Many creationists are familiar with the account that a “Lady Hope” gave of her visit to Darwin a few months before he died. Although it has appeared in various books, we present it below for those to whom it is new.


It was one of those glorious autumn afternoons, that we sometimes enjoy in England, when I was asked to go in and sit with the well known professor, Charles Darwin. He was almost bedridden for some months before he died. I used to feel when I saw him that his fine presence would make a grand picture for our Royal Academy; but never did I think so more strongly than on this particular occasion.

He was sitting up in bed, wearing a soft embroidered dressing gown, of rather a rich purple shade.

Propped up by pillows, he was gazing out on a far-stretching scene of woods and cornfields, which glowed in the light of one of those marvelous sunsets which are the beauty of Kent and Surrey. His noble forehead and fine features seem to be lit up with pleasure as I entered the room.

He waved his hand toward the window as he pointed out the scene beyond, while in the other hand he held an open Bible, which he was always studying.

“What are you reading now?” I asked as I seated myself beside his bedside. “Hebrews!” he answered – “still Hebrews. ‘The Royal Book’ I call it. Isn’t it grand?”

Then, placing his finger on certain passages, he commented on them.

I made some allusions to the strong opinions expressed by many persons on the history of the Creation, its grandeur, and then their treatment of the earlier chapters of the Book of Genesis.

He seemed greatly distressed, his fingers twitched nervously, and a look of agony came over his face as he said: “I was a young man with unformed ideas. I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything, and to my astonishment, the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion of them.”

Then he paused, and after a few more sentences on “the holiness of God” and the “grandeur of this book,” looking at the Bible which he was holding tenderly all the time, he suddenly said: “I have a summer house in the garden which holds about thirty people. It is over there,” pointing through the open window. “I want you very much to speak there. I know you read the Bible in the villages. To-morrow afternoon I should like the servants on the place, some tenants and a few of the neighbours; to gather there. Will you speak to them?”

“What shall I speak about?” I asked.

“Christ Jesus!” he replied in a clear, emphatic voice, adding in a lower tone, “and his salvation. Is not that the best theme? And then I want you to sing some hymns with them. You lead on your small instrument, do you not?” The wonderful look of brightness and animation on his face as he said this I shall never forget, for he added: “If you take the meeting at three o’clock this window will be open, and you will know that I am joining in with the singing.”

How I wished I could have made a picture of the fine old man and his beautiful surroundings on that memorable day!


This is the account that appeared on the 19th August 1915 in the Baptist “Watchman-Examiner” in Washington D.C. (Q29/2:70). In 1922, friends in Los Angeles who knew her wrote an affidavit (L.A. affidavit) (MooreJ:79). In 1940, Prof. Bole released a letter he had received from her in the early 1920’s (Bole letter) (MooreJ:86). These repeated most of the above account with some minor variations and additions, and we will refer to these later.

Is this fiction? Possibly, there has been a lack/paucity of the statement of possible fact.

For this sharing, we have the choice as we have been given to listen to, accept and place our hopes in an existence to come where ‘time’ does not exist. I must admit my amazement at the similarities of a vast majority of people who have been pronounced. Very humbly I say, I am simply doing what I dreamt that I communicated I would do before ‘waking’ up from the MOST amazing ‘dream’ I ever had. In fact, we say thay God created the Universe. These are things that are seen, spoken into being. The seen is created from and by the unseen. Our site/vision is limited at this time. There are SO many shares on our vision, read:


Most importantly, you have a decision. Yes, no or possibly?

Father Lord, You created me. I am fully aware that doubt has filled my mind. I come into Your presence to cast my lot. I roll them with You. Having heard all the arguments, I am taking no chances. I humbly turn my life over to you. I cast my ballot to have You in my life. Embrace me with Your Love, relieve and release the past hurt and pain, make me a new creation in you, Amen

If you prayed the above, quietly find a believer/a Christian you can share with, pray with. An individual who will be there now and for always.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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