Thank You Lord For Our All

I know schedules and life are in the way, but a word of thanks to God each time we remember His goodness does SO much. I remember when I was in my ‘trial,’ I learned that The LORD does ALL, is ALL, knows ALL and created ALL.

We thank Him for ALL He does in our lives, for HE is Almighty!

Don’t wane in your praises! Glory to God in the highest!!! He made The Universe! We have a Father who is AWESOME!!! He made the Universe with Him at the center of it all! Our solar system has the sun at its center. Who is The CENTER OF ALL life? He “spoke” and it was made! Yet , when it came to Man, God made Man in His image (God did not “Speak” Man into being! With Woman He put The Work of His Hands to sleep and created Woman)! Not by speaking, but by creating with His Spirit (using His Hands!).

You are ‘fearfully’ made by God into what you are for a purpose!!! Man was made! Not in a day as we are taught so often, but in a ‘season.’

Being a scientist by training, there was evolution. We have ‘dated’ some things ‘millions’ of years ago! Remember, “A day with God is as a thousand years to us!” Yes, that is what The Word says, but ‘time’ does not exist outside this world! Even when astronauts circle the Earth, we time them, but they do not experience day and or night. Just their essence informing them they need rest. Again, only here on Earth does ‘time’ exist.

We pray for Your Hand in our lives.  Let us then claim that Your healing AWESOMENESS is NOW in our time.

Let us watch our requests be manifest, for in seeking, we shall find! Again, there is something we must do. Only in some cases are we told to stand still. I have shared that I was paralyzed on the right side after my motor vehicle accident. Two days ago I went running for the first time in over 4.5 years. After, I felt pain.  It affected me physically, but I was brought to my senses when my spirit was reminded that ‘working out’ used to get me sore.

In this our case, (like other trials) we faith it, trust God and BELIEVE it is done in the spiritual – Ask and you shall receive.

Daniel prayed and fasted for weeks before the angel appeared. Before He spoke the words of His prayer, it was known and answered. In the spiritual there were occurrences! –Daniel 10 (feel free to read)

Has anyone heard, “Wait on The LORD”? We wait in faith! Patience is a fruit of the spirit! Wait on The LORD!  Pray and watch His AWESOMENESS, Amen

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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