An awesome day to praise The Lord

Once again, why are you here?

In ALL things with prayer and supplication and thanksgiving, make your requests known to God, Amen

Pray without ceasing. Thank You Father for a safe night’s sleep; go before me this day/season; thank You for my safe arrival to school/work/dutied; Be with me today… Lunchtime? Thank You Father. Didn’t choke, get sick? Alleluia. Even if you got sick, you are still here! During the day…so many reasons. Glory Hallelujah! Day winding down? You made it through, Glory!

There were a few challenges? Served as lessons. I appreciate You Father. Home safe? Thank God. Dinner? No resulting fire, burns, indigestion? Glory Hallelujah!

Our day is filled with opportunity and reason. You are going to bed? Thank You Father, for today, for tonight, for my sleep, for tomorrow. For my loved ones, for my colleagues. An individual made me feel ‘this way’, have you forgiven them? Remember, as we do, so are we given. The Lord’s prayer: “Forgive me as I forgive those who trespass against me.” A condition? Yes!

That is so profound! How will you find time to do much else? We have time, a thank You Lord at moments will suffice.

Go forth and be blessed, Amen


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