Good Morning, have a full day of peace before The LORD, Amen


Father, we come before Thee. Forgive us for our wrongs, Father make us right before You. There is nothing hard for You. You made ALL! Even our enemy. At this point, as always, we give You ALL the praise and we rest in Your arms. Your will be done in our lives, be glorified through us. Lead us, guide us, shine through us LORD in Jesus’ name, Amen. Glory for a week full of testimonies. Thank You Father, you are our ALL, Amen.

At this time as sheep who depend on their Keeper, we lean totally on You. Lift us up, Lord, Amen.

As Your Word says we shall run and not be weary, soar on high with wings as an Eagle.

Father we thank You for Your all in our lives, Amen

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