In Your Season of Difficulty…Look to Jesus

Jesus Shows Us How To Go Through Seasons Of Difficulty

In life we all go through seasons.  Seasons of joy, despair, loss, anger, difficulty, happiness and love.  Through it all, GOD is there.  Standing at the ready awaiting your cry out to Him, your praises unto Him, your rejoicing with Him and your demonstration of your Love for Him.  Today, let’s look at seasons of despair and how our example – Jesus – dealt with His season of difficulty.

While Jesus was in the wilderness praying and waiting to hear from GOD, He fasted, denying Himself earthly nutrition in order to place God’s desires above His own.

We see here that Jesus fasted! The Son Of God deprived Himself in order to commune with God.

Why is Fasting an important part of our faith?  Fasting adjusts our spirit and puts us in the right mind to Hear, See, and Receive from God!  Fasting makes you Uncomfortable. Physiologically, fasting makes your belly ache, it also frees up your mind from earthly desires and pursuits, clearing out all the rubbish of the flesh.  You see, we should never get comfortable in or with our lives or station in life.  Or begin to think we are above losing our job, having a medical crisis, losing a child, parent(s) or spouse.  We should not become ‘secure’ in ourselves, titles or our accomplishments thinking that we are untouchable or that because we go through the perfunctory motions of attending church each week that we are immune to hardships!  A mature Christian we’ll testify that that is not true. If you read your Bible, you have only to look at God’s most faithful servant Job.  Such a mindset, my friend, is a dangerous and opens you up to a new season in your life.  You see, not all seasons of difficulty are because of our prideful spirit, some come in order to GROW us to the next level GOD is trying to take us to in this Christian journey.  If you find yourself in such a season, you need to HEAR from GOD and the only way to do that is through Self-Denial or FASTING which is a way to Reposition yourself so you can HEAR God’s voice.

Silence puts us in a position to hear GOD’s voice more clearly. Fasting helps us to accomplish this. Fasting demonstrates that we love GOD more than His blessings and puts GOD in the driver’s seat of our life ahead of our materialistic gains or goals.

Remember some things come ONLY THROUGH PRAYER AND FASTING. Jesus taught us that without fasting you cannot have the FULL POWER of GOD! Deny yourself to get to the next level, to receive that blessing, that miracle, that turnaround in your life or to end the season you find yourself in.

Let us turn back to Jesus’ example: “After Jesus fasted 40 days, He was hungry.” It wasn’t until He got hungry that the devil came and tempted Him. However, Jesus rebuked the devil and clung to The Word of God for His sustenance and God’s voice for His guidance.

Know that Seasons of LACK are also SEASONS of vulnerability. Be careful of whose voice you entertain during your vulnerable seasons!!! Not every voice is that of God.  If your relationship is in line with the Lord, scripture tells us “My sheep know My voice and none other will they follow.”  John 10:5

Like Jesus we must have a resolute mind that the possessions of this world are not worthy to be compared to the Glory of God and to hearing the voice of GOD.

In His season of difficulty Jesus rebukes Satan and chooses spiritual food over physical food.  Will you? Can you?  Don’t choose instant gratification over spiritual blessings.  Physical blessings are temporary and can be taken from you, but spiritual blessings are spiritually secured and anchored by GOD and cannot be taken from you.

In the scriptures, Jesus tells Satan: “It is written that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of GOD.”  Here Jesus shows us what really matters during hard times – GOD’s Word!!!

Deuteronomy 8:3 tells us: ‘it is written, that man shall not live by bread alone.’ Moses reminded the Israelites of this as they complained after being removed from bondage.  Moses had to teach them that their lives were not about their ‘stuff’ or what they felt they had ‘lost or left behind in Egypt,’ but that it is all about the GOD who blessed you with your ‘stuff’ or creature comforts, or titles, or careers, marriage, children, possessions, etc.

We often become haughty when we become successful, looking down on others, becoming cheap with our tithes, talent and time in service to GOD. We forget the GOD who blessed us with those things in the first place.

A flag of caution!!  Remember GOD knows how to humble us and remove all the materialistic possessions and distractions from our lives that we worship so that our mind can be clear and focused on what really matters —our relationship with Him.  See, being hungry puts you in a mindset of praise and worship or, if you are a fool, rebellion (we will deal with this in a future share).

Shorten your season of difficulty with increased praise and worship, giving and blessing others.  Remember too that God is proud of you before you ever do anything! You don’t need to be successful to Hear from GOD or receive His Love and protection.  He created you! He knows you! He Loves you just as you are and your reward is not here on Earth, but with Him in Heaven for how you lived your life on Earth, not what you accomplished or accumulated. For GOD is not a respecter of persons or things, but of your praise and worship – these things are PRICELESS and FREE to give.

Look at what GOD said before  Jesus performed His FIRST miracle, and while He was still in the wilderness: “This is My Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased!”

God is PROUD of you,

It does not matter what things look like right now in your life.  These circumstances or seasons are TEMPORARY.  Have the mindset that with GOD you can make it, With GOD you can take it, His Word will help you to keep on going.  He is your strength, your light in darkness. His Word will sustain you, it is your manna, your Lamp Unto Your Feet and a Light Onto your pathway.

As you achieve things in life, bear in mind that what really matters is not ‘bread(your hunger) or the things of the world’, let your purpose in life be bigger than bread, let it be to serve and worship GOD.

You can lose everything, but your life is blessed as long as you have GOD and His Word. That is enough to make it. That is enough to start over again.  That is enough to meet your needs and prep you to receive your desires. HUMBLE yourself.  His Word will sustain you. Learn to FAST, to deprive/deny yourself and FEAST on the sustenance that truly matters…The Word of GOD.

I encourage you that if you don’t know Jesus in the pardoning of your sins, pray this prayer today.  Without this prayer, JESUS does not know you.  You are NOT HIS.  He will say on the Day of Judgement, “depart from me for I know you not.”

“Lord Jesus, I am a sinner and I want to be SAVED.  Forgive me all my sins. Enter into my life. I believe you are the risen Son of GOD and ask that you cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I invite your spirit to enter into me, take control and be the Lord over my life. Amen”

Reflect on John 3:16. Begin to study.  The first book I recommend is the Book of Acts.  Be blessed!

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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