Why do we receive what we get? We have shared that we were all created for a reason. I will once again ask “Why are you?”

A somewhat ‘tricky’ question to answer!

“I ‘dunno’! Why?” Is a commonly heard. YOU are here for a reason, spermatozoa met ova and implanted in/on the uterus. You developed, months later, you were here. You are STILL here! Reason?

This is a/the sole issue in your existence, why/what/where?

These questions overwhelm us so often, the are like constant echoes in our beings

Let us examine a ‘life’, on this observation. It will be without ‘problems’ (is that real? Factual? No. But I want to make a point.) A child is born , cuddled, shown affection, fed, diapers changed, fed, learns to eat, crawl, talk, walk, kindergarten, school (all levels), graduate, job (for so many years), retirement, nursing home or family, death. What got done in all? That was a life, the baseline of lives in the here and now.

What is/was missing? We have to go back to the beginning. It is couples who try to have children and are not able to, that can best explain this. love makes for so much. Hold up! love? Yes! love of self, partner, existence…there is so much that goes into ‘life’ or desire for life! Again, we can imagine want/need/desire. But? What to do if things do not work out? Adoption, Options in fertility treatment? There are so many potential options, but essentially we can read, feel and in the case you are in this conundrum you experience first hand the anguish.

We discussed a ‘standard’ life; “ok!” You say.

There is something that causes things to work the way they do. And in the ‘standard’ life we discussed above. What is missing?

Knowing me, you are most likely stating “I know where this is going!” But. Is it not true? What is missing? You came from somewhere! Where? We are born with a reason! We come from somewhere! Where? We were planned to be here with a reason.

There are people who have a chance at a second chance. Yes! People have experienced things that can hardly be explained in an ‘everyday’ sense.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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