Remember the Sabbath and Keep It Holy

8C7C1893-F745-49D9-82F9-5A7EE2E1746BFather God, we kneel before You in all praises for the great works you have done. You created the heavens and the earth and all that exist above, on earth and below. You rule over all–seen and unseen and realms unknown to your mortal child. You control destiny and the time/space continuum. You author and finish all. Your tender mercies are daily unto your children and we glorify You and Your mighty works. We fear nothing and no one because You live! You fulfill all Your promises and Your Words never return void unto You. Have mercy upon us Father God. Never depart from us. Our soul yearns for You! It thirsts for You. It pursues Your Agape Love as a starving man seeks nourishment for You are our nourishment, our daily portion, the sustenance which quenches all pangs.  Have mercy upon us. Restore a right spirit in us. Send a fresh anointing today on this our Sabbath. Guide us. Uplift our weary souls. Speak health, and we are healed. Speak perseverance and we endure the struggles. Speak prosperity and our needs, wants and desires are met. Speak Love and we forgive and forget as You do. Speak joy and our spirits rise. Speak patience and our tongues cease the wagging. Speak contentment and the flesh is quelled and we are grateful for the good and the bad in our lives for all is a testimony to You wonder working power. Father on this Sabbath and on all the days of our existence, we give glory unto You, humble ourselves before Your Throne, bow down and worship You. Amen

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