Glory, Glory, Glory- Hallelujah!!! Amen

On our lips for in in ALL our ways, we praise God as our Father, Jesus – our Lord and Savior, The Spirit – our comforter and Guide,

Y’sll we are ONE! Amen – Christ is at the Head, Amen

Shoulder, shrug off the hardships,

Mouth, sing His praises,

Tongue – taste of His goodness,

Bowels – digest His word, as nutrients let them strengthen, embolden you, Amen

Muscles – be controlled by The Spirit! Want to lift? Be directed and led by God’s grace. You are cheered on. Wow! Who are those in the stands – Angel’s? Amen

Hands – Be lifted up and recieve wha is poured down and around, hand it out, Amen

Legs – bear the body up, share the good news – look awesome- you are covered in His Love.

  • Hamstrings. These muscles, which form the back of the thigh, flex your knee and extend your hip.
  • Adductors. Also known as inner thigh muscles; squeeze a pencil between your knees to feel these fire.
  • Quadriceps.
  • Gastrocnemius.
  • Soleus.
  • Tibialis anterior.

You all have a part, essential to function,

We can determine what each part does, but just as we ‘trundled’ through the GI tract, we will leave this alone 🤗

Wow! To God be The Glory, Amen

Feet – be blessed, you take us where we need to be, Amen.

Y’all, I would be remiss at not mentioning how like God we all are!

Mind – you rest on The Rock of ages, Amen

It is cleft for me, Amen

Jesus, let us hide ourselves in Thee, cleansed by The water and blood that flowed from Your side, Amen

ALL that was supposed to happen occured! Glory, glory, glory… Lord to show You had passed on, a lance was used to pierce Your side, Amen
The Spear of Destiny (also known as the HolyLance) is a name given to the spear used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Jesusof Nazareth several hours into crucifixion.
Holy Lance, also called Spear of Destiny or Spear of Longinus, a relic discovered in June 1098 during the First Crusade by Christian Crusaders at Antioch. It was said to be the lance that pierced the side of Christ at the Crucifixion.
The Holy Lance, also known as the Holy Spear, the Spear of Destiny, or the Lance of Longinus (named after Saint Longinus), according to the Gospel of John, is the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross.

Y’all, we could go on, there is mention of the Roman Centurion who weirded the spear being healed by the lance, this takes us further from this share. But feel free to look up discovery of the lance, pccurences post use of the lance etc and be blessed, Amen

Y’all, we ARE one, Amen

No part of the body gets ignored in a well individual! Even down to the toenails y’all.

Keep the body well!

And now, we can be blessed as we have been by this share from whence it all started!

To God be The Glory!

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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