What is your story?


Y’all, we should start penning our testimonies!

What The Lord has done for me, I cannot tell it all!

First, He had no reason but Love! He is Love!!!

I am moved again to share, God listens to testimonies of His angel’s, they gather before Him and report of His glory, the occurences in Heaven and in His Creation.

In Heaven, there is no time! A gathering of angel’s before The LORD, is an occurence…

On one such occurrence when the angel’s gathered before Him, Satan in all his beauty presented himself and addressed God with respect…

People are fallible! You created all, if You were HuMan or HuWoman, You would fail the test. God knew exactly what would happen when Lucifer fell from Heaven to the Earth.

(We talk ‘billions of years’ since the “big bang”, where something (the seen) came out of nothing (the unseen), but from came from something – God!!! Amen) We look at Science and there are so many schools of thought. We have discussed, you came from somewhere. You are within you (the body). Even if handicapped, you have a brain, and do live. Not always will you be in a handicapped body. YOU are inside! The more the reason to realize and set yourself up for some spirit shaking/awesome realization and the start of your existence in a place that words fall way short of describing.

What Does the Bible say Heaven is Like?

We see dimly now, but then we shall see all as we are known, Amen.

God knew that Man would be tempted and would fall. He gave Man a chance when His Spirit moved through the garden of Eden.


When Lucifer schemed to sit on The Throne of The Most High, even he realized that it would be impossible, so he gathered unto his council angel’s that he convinced to rule in the unseen dimensions beyond the realm of God.

God knows all! God spoke to His cherub and asked him to stand down, pride had seized him for all his beauty, wisdom and splendour.

Billions of years (our time) prior (in a realm where there is no time) for His splendour God divided Himself three ways: Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. They are One.

They Existed, Just as the angel’s were, so was The Lord, God’s Spirit went forth. After Creating the Universe (seen from unseen), God’s Spirit was upon the waters:


Genesis 1:2

And He created. We understand what was directed to be written. Where does the Sun come from? Creation is complex, for the Earth was without form or void.

We have the Sun, the center of our universe. Temperatures wise, it is unapproachable, heat wise – cannot be touched. Being a Scientist – solar radiation is impenetrable – causes disease if we are exposed too long.

There are angel’s before The Throne of God with covered faces. One set of wings to cover their eyes, one set to cover their feet and one set to lift them in high to glorify God:

Revelation 7:11

Isaiah 6:2

And Satan said, “O LORD my God, Creator of all…if You Who made Man can be on Earth as Man, I will accept defeat.”

Just as in the day of Job, God knee this was coming, He gave no conditions.

In the case of Job, God placed restrictions and raised the hedge around him, knowing fully well who He had created! We are known before time, Amen!

Jesus is The Word! Satan tried to use The Word to defeat The Word.


Satan moved wrong to ask The Word to defile Itself!

One huge lesson is when His Mother Mary asked Him to perform His first Miracle in public, He said “Woman my time has not yet come!” We have discussed His use of the term “Woman.” Yes, she was His Mother, but He realized Who He was and Where He was from, and what He was sent here to do, He was every bit like one of us, only braver and resolute to do The Will of The Father.

To jump forward, The Spirit led Him out to fast for fourty days and nights. Matthew 4:1.

Again, He was as we are, knowing exactly what was to happen, He gave it ‘pause’.



But, after this He began His ministry.

Knowing full well what would happen:


Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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