The only fact that keeps me going is that:

The only fact that keeps me going is that:
It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.
Y’all plants fail, plans too – well scheduled with nothing left amiss, rain? Too much/too little… Do we not give God The glory!!! God IS ALL, Amen
Check this out…how did the Isrealites arrive in Egypt? You may scratch your head 🤔anyone?
Does the name Joseph ring a bell? ALL is known before it occurs and brethren are led to do God’s will.
Genesis 37:12-36 ; to stroke your memory.
Why do I say this? Joseph arrived in Egypt as a slave! Was lied about and ended in prison. In those days, there were no latrines! Amazing to see where he was and what he went through! BUT God had a plan for him.
Suicide would have been a viable option for many. I ‘guess’ he loved life too much. But, he had dreamt years before! How many times do we dream? (Days before, weeks before, months before and/but in this case years before!)
“Just a dream!” We many times are moved to think/say/feel. What are ‘feelings’?
plural noun: feelings
1. An emotional state or reaction.
“a feeling of joy”
synonyms: love, affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, warmness, emotion, sentiment;
passion, ardor, desire
“the strength of her feeling”
• compassion, sympathy, empathy, fellow feeling, concern, solicitude, solicitousness, tenderness, love;
pity, sorrow, commiseration
“a rush of feeling”
2. A belief, especially a vague or irrational one.
“he had the feeling that he was being watched”
synonyms: suspicion, sneaking suspicion, notion, inkling, hunch, funny feeling, feeling in one’s bones, fancy, idea;
informalgut feeling
“I had a feeling that I would win”
What is belief?
1. An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
“his belief in the value of hard work”
2. Trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.
“a belief in democratic politics”

What is knowledge?
1. Facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
“a thirst for knowledge”
synonyms: understanding, comprehension, grasp, command, mastery;
expertise, skill,proficiency, expertness,accomplishment, adeptness, capacity,capability;
“his knowledge of history”
• learning, erudition, education, scholarship, schooling, wisdom
“people anxious to display their knowledge”
• familiarity with, acquaintance with, intimacy with
“an intimate knowledge of the countryside”
• information, facts, intelligence, news, reports, hot tip;
informalinfo, (the) lowdown
“inform the police of your knowledge”
2. Awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.
“the program had been developed without his knowledge”
synonyms: awareness, consciousness, realization, cognition, apprehension, perception, appreciation;
“he slipped away without my knowledge
What is faith?
We will first take it at the webster level and kick it into gear with The Word, Amen.
1. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
“this restores one’s faith in politicians”
synonyms: trust, belief, confidence, conviction;
optimism, hopefulness, hope
“he justified his boss’s faith in him”
2. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.
synonyms: religion, church, sect, denomination, (religious) persuasion, (religious) belief, ideology, creed, teaching, doctrine
“she gave her life for her faith”
Now we can go into The Word!
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11: 1. Faith is the connecting power into the spiritual realm, which links us with God and makes Him become a tangible reality to the sense perceptions of a person. Faith is the basic ingredient to begin a relationship with God.
We share so much on ‘Faith’, want to make it to your real Home? We have to know that Home is HOME, Amen. Where we will be sans ‘time’. It gives me such a sense to say “Ask someone ‘post coma’ if they can tell you what time, date, season you are in.” In a coma, we are removed from ‘reality’ and we exist somewhere.
Some do not have memories, or refuse to share, if someone should share, ask why they are ‘missing’ time from the question you asked first! Most of us by God’s grace will never personally know anyone in that state, but a few people have come back and shared, in most stories there is a congruence. In all but a few there is the lack of time.
The experiences may be different, but there is NO time in the sphere/plane/existence after this. We may dream, there are days and nights in dreams, why then do individuals ‘come back’ with the inability to at first be cognizant of date. This is a little deep from a medical standpoit: narcotics, paralytics, meds alter perception. Where does this all go?
We shall discuss it. But each day we are made aware of there is something we must realize! Not every person who slept got up! You did! So?
The steadfast Love of The Lord never ceases! For this our hearts cry out Glory!!! More poignant is that God’s blessings are not the same as yesterday’s…

They are new every morning: and we can/must say to The Lord: Great is Thy faithfulness, Amen
Lamentations 3:22-23 King James Version (KJV)

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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