A start to a blessed beginning, Amen

As God removed Pharaoh for the Israelites to get to the promised land, He removed Herod for Jesus path to perform what He was sent for. Memory? According to the Biblical account, after the birth of Jesus, some magi from the East visited Herod to inquire the whereabouts of “The One having been born ‘king’ of the Jews“, we see this was nailed on His cross above his head. The Magi from the East enquired as to His whereabouts because they had seen his star in the east (or, according to certain translations, at its rising) and therefore wanted to pay Him homage. He also removed Goliath for David to be recognized. Prior, David was considered ‘too slight’ to go to war. Remember, king Sauls armoire was too bulky for him to move freely. In faith, he took 5 stones from a brook, and God was glorified, Amen. God removed Haman for Mordecai to be honored (we know the story.) Biblical account. Mordecai resided in Susa (Shushan or Shoushan), the metropolis of Persia (now Iran). He adopted his orphaned cousin (Esther 2:7), Hadassah (Esther), whom he brought up as if she were his own daughter. We read of her promotion and the attempt on Mordacais life and what ended up happening.

Today, this same God will remove everything that stands as obstacle to your blessings, upliftments, progress, promotion, breakthrough, and move you forward to the next level in life in Jesus’ name, Amen. We hold true the fact that EVERY knee shall bow, stating even against their desire that Jesus is Lord, Amen.

It stands amazing and perplexing that what we know is unknown or unbeliever by some. It will be an experience to experience their ‘confusion’ as they realize their ‘estimation’ was false. I always say, in private – make your decision! No one need know! In your inner room, seek salvation!

Nothing shall stop your good-news.

Whoever that want to turn your garment of glory into rags or shame, shall be in shame, for what The Lord has put together, let NO man/woman or spirit put asunder. We serve a living God, Amen.

You will never fall or experience lack in your life, for God shall supply. I pray that whosoever that has propose in his or her heart to make you an object of ridicule shall be disgraced for by The awesome grace of God in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Have a fruitful season in Christ Jesus, Amen.JPEG image 33


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