Making Marriage Work

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“Can two walk together unless they be agreed on the direction?” Amos 3:3

One of the best kept secrets about growing and developing a satisfying marriage is to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

But Jesus wasn’t married you say. Think about that statement…aren’t we the brides of Christ?  Marriage is an all or nothing proposition! Let me say it again, marriage is an all or nothing proposition. When each spouse commits wholeheartedly to putting their mate’s needs and wellbeing 100% percent above their own and puts their spouse above everything and everyone (children, parents, siblings, friends, work, etc.) except God, your marriage will flourish and prosper and bring you immeasurable joy and fulfillment. The best marriages follow Jesus’ example of self-sacrifice.  Jesus gave us the best of Him, 100% of His being as He suffered physical death on The Cross so that we might be reconciled back to Our Father. He Gave All for us.

The example has been set. Husbands give your wives 100% of you. Wives give your husbands 100% of you!!!  No, not 50%, but 100%, just as Jesus did. By giving 100% you have Totally put your mate’s needs above your own. Just as Jesus did for us.

Walking in agreement. This means pre-discussing EVERYTHING before acting starting with your faith walk, expectations, finances, and whether or not to bring children into your marriage, and if so, when. Having children before marriage, out of wedlock, when you are not financially ready or if one spouse wants children and the other does not, or wants to wait, is a recipe for marital disaster! All should be discussed and Prayed Over before acting so that you both walk in agreement after seeking God first on what to do first! Remember, you are no longer a single person!  Two have been melded into one!  You and your spouse should be praying and meditating each morning and night TOGETHER and jointly asking for God’s guidance, before you act!

Two become one!  Ahhh, the beauty and benefits of oneness. No longer alone. A lifetime partner. Support. Sexual intimacy  as God ordained. Someone to walk with you in faith. Someone to stand beside you and help to protect, care for, comfort and help cover you when storms and cloudy days come.

Sexual intimacy in marriage deepens the connection between husband and wife drawing you closer and more deeply connected to each other. It blossoms and creates spiritual, mental and emotional connections that, even when the physical act of sex may becoming challenging in advanced years, the roots of spiritual, emotional and mental connections ground and bind you into eternity.

Because sexual intimacy is so vital to a satisfying and strong marriage it should NEVER be used as a weapon or bargaining chip for any reason. It breeds contempt and gives Satan an inroad into your marriage and others who want what you have and have been building. Hence, giving 100%. Think of it this way, would you bully, cheat, manipulate, or withhold anything good from yourself? Remember, your spouse is YOU, the half that makes you whole!!! Pray over everything everyday. Begin and end each day side-by-side on your knees. Also have your quiet time by yourself and nourish and care for yourself because as you do, you are also caring for your spouse.

Children. Bringing little ones into existence is a joy and blessing but must first be agreed upon and planned out. Having kids is the greatest experience  and challenge of your marriage and agreement on parenting style, Christian education, finances are just a few of the things that should be hashed out before you start having kids. Having children outside of a strong and committed marriage can be disastrous for all, most of all the children. Though life can throw unanticipated curve balls — sickness, loss of income, disability and more — be as prepared as you can possibly be for whatever season may confront your marriage.  And know that seasons of change do, and will, come to your marriage as you go from newlyweds to retirees and all the many seasons in-between.

Above all, remember that Agape Love transcends all. Keeping your other half as your top priority with each of you giving your all — 100% of the time — is the springboard to a lifetime of happiness in a truly satisfying marriage.

We thank you Lord for the gift of my spouse, my other half, the one person you designed to complete me and give me wholeness. You bound us for eternity and for this we bless and praise Your Name Father. We can do nothing without You as our head, our guide, our source of our all. After You, my husband/wife is next and no one or no thing comes before them. Not our children, or parents, siblings, family or friends.

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has brought together, let no man (or woman), put asunder.” Matthew 19:6

Be blessed, in Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name.






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