So many ‘images’ skip what was TRULY done to Jesus! We get an ‘idea’ though
I ask, “Have you ever been whipped?” The ‘welts’, swelling, pain…not just a whip, but a severe and deformity branding weapon.

Flagellation at the hands of the Romans is mentioned in three of the four canonical Gospels: John 19:1, Mark 15:15, and Matthew 27:26, and was the usual prelude to crucifixion under Roman law. None of three accounts are more detailed than John’s “Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged” (NIV). Luke’s comparable account, Luke 22:63-65 is of the High Priest’s guards beating and mocking Jesus. In the Passion of Christ the episode precedes the Mocking of Christ and the Crowning with thorns, which the Gospels happened at the same time or immediately after. Unlike the flogging, these were not part of the normal Roman judicial process.

Just what did the whip consist if?

The date of “0 A.D.” is somewhat arbitrary as the date of what could be described as the Roman law’s darkest moment. Roman justice, as it were, began, roughly, in about 27 B.C. and ended in either 476 A.D., if one is referring to the original Roman Empire, or as late as 1453 A.D., in regards to the offshoot Holy Roman Empire.

In this, as to the very rough edges of the Roman law and justice, reference is made to original the Roman Empire. By the time of Justinian in any event, many of the horrific punishments for crimes had been weeded out of the Roman law as it then stood.
When it came to capital punishment, no one, it seemed, could kill like the Romans. The virtues of the Roman law are universally worshiped except by the rare call in the wilderness such as that of the great German legal historian Theodor Mommsenbut even his criticism did not focus on the severity and barbarity of the Roman law in regards to punishments for crime.
The Romans were far from having a monopoly on inhumane punishment. The Old Testament for example, has many examples of what are, nominally, God-sanctioned law and justice, but definately inhumane, cruel and unusual. What the Spaniards did during the heyday of the Inquisition Tribinal (1481-1834) in the name of God is an even more recent perverse application of so-called “holy law” to impose law and apply justice.

The image we are presented with is a ‘pristine’ appearing Christ that was nailed to a cross! Are we aware what a whipping Roman style does?
As stated at the period they were known for the undeniable mastery of inflicting pain and punishment

Just what Jesus went through for you and I cannot be imagined! In our day there have been grotesque and undeniable atrocities in execution! But; we move to a more humane way.

Right here; I will ask clearly “What happens after death?” Days do not have ‘meaning’ You are no longer under the ‘rule’ of the rising sun or setting sun. Even while living a ‘blind’ person can ‘feel’ what time it is, a dead person can ‘see’ what time it is. Yes, I know you will ask, the deaf, dumb AND blind?

Your body tells you everything you need to know. Babies awake and cry because they are hungry. Human beings ‘feel’ when it is time to ‘eat’m ‘

Wow! Many are getting ‘inpatient’. How about starving people without means to feed themselves? A truism….but it gets right to the core of what we started off with: THE experience of life!

After, then what? No Sun, no Moon….and I have realized NO time. Our ability to ‘measure’, feel for experience time is gone.

This gets deep! What of an individual who ‘claims’ to have been here before? Did they remember when they were babies or children that their parents or caretakers, institutions were foreign? Usually, it us an adult stating these claims… Nothing before the ability to read? We can get deep into this, but in the interest of time I ask again, Where do you go from here,

We have discussed ‘life’ here on Earth, afterward? Then what?

Just as we started there are so many images of what Christ went through. He knew it well before time. The agony that He would bear caused Him to ‘delay’ starting on His ministry. The Spirit led Him out to start His ministry:

“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.”
Matthew 4:1

We have “loosely” stayed on subject. Let us tie it ALL together. Jesus knew before time just what He would experience. So many paintings, images for politese limit the depiction of what WAS done to Him. Children, the sensitive, the emotional… But it is fact! Do we share what exactly He went through for us?

I am just sharing my insights into what was done for you and I


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