Share! We serve an ever present, all knowing God. Let ALL know, it is the least we can do.

5F10392F-5354-4EB6-8EEA-810898AC3DC6Did you “see” a baby at its creation? Even with “Modern Technology.” Ultrasound etc We CAN see development. In lack of modern technology we ‘hope’ that everything is fine. A STRONG hope/wish/prayer. To ‘read’ this, or ‘hear’ this SOMETHING IS working positively in your favor.

Before your birth, you were not seen, but hope and wishes and prayers went up for you. To Who? What? Where? 

To the Cosmos?

I read something once: “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.”

Wasn’t it this same Cosmos that created that star? Why wish upon the star created by The Cosmos if we can speak to The Cosmos that created the stars?

It gets so deep at times, we notice the curiosity in Science. Just where and what are stars? Theorems reign supreme! Will we discover? Perhaps! But take care of “you” first!

We talk the Unseen! Are you crazy? Or have we seen that The Unseen does inexplicable things!

Share your testimonies, give others hope in Hope, ground to stand on when sinking!

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