All things will work TOGETHER for good in the life of those who Love God and are called according to His Love…

You were created. Not by chance! You are here! Be here indeed, I should say to do God’s will “in-deed”…

Hmm! That gets deep! Do God’s will in deed? Acts?

In your going out and coming in, you are known – Amen

Are you at times hesitant? Fearful? Doubtful (or should I say doubt-tinged/doubt-ringed), surrounded by “what-ifs” or “maybe’s”)…
We have a LORD Who NEVER fails! And has NEVER and will NEVER fall short of what He promises! His Essence is Ye and Amen!
God made ALL, every particle was created by The Word – God’s Spirit reigns TRUE!
We exist in a time and place that God has allowed. Each occurence was permitted by God.
In ALL, we grow – Amen

EACH occurence is an experience, we learn each and every day of our lives – what to do, to avoid, to be, not be… it ALL points in ONE direction! We are led to where we need to be….

So many chances are given in Love! EVERYTHING happens for a reason, Amen

Hold on to God, grasp tightly to God!
Want peace? Want joy? Want fulfillment? Completion? Wholeness? Healing? Health?

It is ALL in His Word, we exist in the ‘promise-land!’ Where you are, right there!
For them who Love God, ALL things will work together for good, Amen

I say ALL things! Amen

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