In thanking The Lord God ALL Mighty, I was blessed to see this and today prayed it again below… In ALL, God is your Center and the enemy will not prevail, IJN -Amen

God, Heavenly Father, You know what I need before I even ask for Your blessings.

You are a God of blessings, my Center, my core.

With You surroundings me, bearing me, centering me, I need nothing but You Lord,

at present there is ‘time’, You created ‘Time’, in Your presence, ‘Time’ ceases and ‘Experience’ continues, we here on Earth with ‘life’ have begun our journey to You,

Lord, direct, Center, lead – even when I stray,

Forgive me Father for my weaknesses, make me whole I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen

Renew a right spirit within me, by Your outstanding, awesome grace with an absence ANYWHERE else, You took me in the rough and a jewel You have made,

Lord, I look to festoon in Your presence, to allow Your light to shine through me, Amen

Yesterday’s are past, I in no way mourn – my tomorrows are soaked with Your presence, Amen

You are a heart fixer, mind regulator, Doctor in the sick room, Lawyer in the courtroom,

You are The source of me strength in the storm, being grounded in you I sway, I will not fall be your amazing grace, IJN – Amen

You are my core, my Center always and I grasp tightly to Your Jane, in The name of Jesus, I will not be moved, Amen

Thank You Lord for my all ways, Amen

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