This is a site I have found to be a blessing.

God’s ultimate blessing in your life in this season.
I would greatly appreciate Thanksgiving on my behalf for all The LORD has done for me and is doing.
Testimony time! Motor Vehicle Accident, Coma, brain surgeries (plural), paralysis…. And I am here!
Praises MUST be given to our LORD The King of ALL.
In the period I was in the coma and recovery; so very much occured here.
By The grace of God all negativity is cancelled I decree and Hallelujah!!! You agree with me in The Mighty name of Jesus, Amen.
Even now, I am blessed!!! Walking, talking, writing and spreading The Word!
In my life we agree that His will be done IJN, Amen

May I ask that you all give praise on my behalf! God WILL be glorified IJMN, Anen

Sistren and Brethren, The LORD has permitted me to share. IF and WHEN led, for those who use FB and because of ‘limitations’ those who cannot; visit both on this medium or on the internet while not at work.

Thank you.

Father, we want to give You glory for our yesterdays. By Your grace they are just that. We allow in The name of Jesus our bygones to be gone, Amen
ALL glory for our tomorrows; be magnified in our lives, our comings and goings; our existence from now and in ALL our ways, Amen
Our needs are met and supplied by You, we give You praise! Amen. Walk before us; with us; in us; surrounded us with Your glory we pray in Jesus’ name, Amen
As You bless and open the windows and doors of Heaven, keep us grounded in The Word, Amen


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