Been paying attention? Quiz on!

Bethsaida, Israel
c. 64
Rome, Italy
• Pope (-64)
• letters of …(who)
A) Jesus
B) Joseph
C) Mary
D) Bartholomew
E) Peter
F) Revelations

Who had a ROLE IN
• Council Of Jerusalem
We gave a hint…

Who was referred to as the prince of the apostles and who called him so?

Whose ‘feast days’ are
Feast Day: February 22
Feast Day: June 29
Feast Day: November 18 

(X) had many strengths, X had weaknesses, too. He complained that he and the other Apostles had given up everything to follow Jesus and wanted to know what he would get for this sacrifice (Matthew 16:27). At the Lord’s command, he walked on water, but then lost his faith in Jesus’ power and sank in the sea (Matthew 14:31).
Big Clue!

X was was filled with all the gifts he needed to lead the young Church. That Pentecost morning, he gave such a powerful speech about Jesus to the crowd in Jerusalem that three thousand people asked to be baptized immediately. 

He was one one of the leaders of the early Christian Great Church. Pope Gregory I called him repeatedly the “Prince of the Apostles”. 

We will get easy here:
The Apostle, original name Simeon or Simon, (died 64 ce, Rome [Italy]), disciple of Jesus Christ, recognized in the early Christian church as the leader of the 12 disciples.


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