Beginning to a week? Or a Season?

Sistren and Brethren,
This week is about to start. Is Sunday and or Monday the ‘start’ of a week?

We have God at the forefront in EVERY moment of our lives, Amen.
God IS there in our going outs and coming ins. Our God is present at ALL times.

God is aware of ALL. Before The LORD there is NO day or night, no “Time”; merely existence! God IS, a bit ‘perplexing’ to grasp.
God IS the Beginning and God is at the end of ALL!!!
God created ‘Time.’ It has been written:
“But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with The Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”
2 Peter 3:8

This states it plainly, we attempt to understand things according to our experience!
You are! You exist!
Your existence is for ALWAYS!

Each day, each moment is awesome when we spend it before The LORD! To be before time, we lay prostrate in awe!

Our Creator spoke and it was made! ‘Time’ began!
We have shared about creation of our galaxy, centered around the sun. How many ‘galaxies’ exist?
All in all, Hubble reveals an estimated 100 billion galaxiesin the universe or so, but this number is likely to increase to about 200 billion as telescope technology in space improves.

It humbles; we are but a dab on the board of creation! BUT, we are created in God’s Image, Amen
Earth exists as the creation of ‘existence’ from the blueprint of ‘life’ – Heaven!

So, to say have a blessed season, means remain in God’s plan and presence and be made whole, Amen


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