Are You Noisy?

As Christians, it is God’s desire that we live a life modeled after the example of Jesus Christ. That we freely give and show Love to one another, the Agape Love that God shows us. Walking in harmony, seeking peace, uplifting and praying prayers for one another is sweet, sweet music to God’s ears. We don’t want to be disharmonious, tear down or cause strife or confusion or seek to separate people, or offer up prayers that will bring judgement or condemnation upon us when we kneel before God.

Backbiting, gossiping, denigrating and being judgmental of fellow believers, seeking the demise of a person or the failure of a marriage or relationship is not only ungodly, but exposes who you are in both your spirit and in your heart. It diminishes your walk. It exposes you as an immature believer, it weakens your witness, it diminishes your testimony but more importantly it separates you, bit-by-bit, from the God you profess to Love and serve. You have now become noisy — the noise in the band, the one out-of-step with those marching in harmony. You are the sound that is out of tune with the harmony and peace that God requires we walk in.

“If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding brass or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.” 1 Corinthians 13

How does a God-fearing, Christ-professing, evangelizing, ‘spirit-filled’-servant of the Almighty get so out of step with God’s Word? How do they become the clamoring noise?

  1. A Weakened Prayer Life – Our prayer life is vulnerable to attack when your spirit is not aligned with the indwelling Christ. How does this happen? By having dislike, hatred or a judgmental spirit or feelings about another child of God. This is further compounded when you take Holy Communion knowing that you harbor those feelings and sentiments in your heart towards another. Those feelings are stewing/simmering inside of you. Your attempts to mask it by being a faithful steward, attending church regularly, working faithfully in the church, serving in ministry do not block that sin from God’s eyes. For He is an all-knowing, all-seeing God! The hypocrisy of taking communion without approaching that brother or sister in Christ, that in-law, neighbor or church member cuts you off from God until you ask God to forgive you and then go to that person, seek their forgiveness for harboring that sentiment and make things right. You are but a noise to God and in danger of having more demonic spirits attaching themselves to you!
  2. Having a Religious Spirit, and Not a Christ-Like Spirit – Religiosity is one of the easiest ways to become a clanging cymbal. It can lead to a judgmental spirit that opens you up to God’s Judgment. Criticizing others who may not dress like you or strictly adhere to the religious guidelines of your house of worship makes you noisy to God. Whispering/gossiping about others, saying who is worthy and who is not worthy to take communion or lead a prayer makes you a noisemaker to God
  3. An Unforgiving/Unaccepting Spirit – When we take it upon ourselves to say who is worthy to fellowship with us, eat with us, communion with us, pray with us, marry into our families, associate with our family, attend our place of worship you are a resounding brass noise to God’s ears. Clearly if you had lived during the time Christ walked the Earth, you would have been outraged that He accepted the adulteress (some historical documents call her a prostitute) Mary Magdalene into the fold.
  4. A Sense of Self-Importance or Self-Righteousness – Being unwilling to truly hear or open your heart to other Christians or feeling that it is your way or the highway or believing your own hype or praise for your service exposes your spirit to a prideful, boastful demonic spirit that will lead to your destruction. Here, being a noise to God’s ears is the least of your worries. This puts your soul and very salvation at risk.
  5. Living a Sin-Filled or Sinful Lifestyle – For what does darkness have to do with the Light? Professing God on one hand while dipping and dabbing in sinful acts, thoughts or feelings on the other makes you noisy!
  6. Lying and a Deceitful Spirit
  7. Being Unfaithful Mentally, Physically, Spiritually or Emotionally in Your Marriage or Relationship
  8. A Controlling or Emotionally Abusive Spirit – God is Love. He embodies Love. He has defined Love for us as an example for our lives. If God can give and entrust us with a free will, who are we to try to control, regulate or limit it? God never wanted us to worship or follow Him based on a rite or robotic mentality, but that we decided of our own free will to accept Him as Lord over our lives, our savior, and willingly follow Him! Clamping down, controlling or being emotionally abusive, denying Love our affection, spiritual, mental or emotional support because someone doesn’t do as you told them as a form of control, is out of step with God’s very nature. You are noisy.

Becoming a noise in God’s ears is not as difficult as you may think and we are all susceptible and have at times been just that. To avoid it, seek forgiveness from God each day for the sins committed by commission and omission. Seek out your brother or sister who you have ought (trouble) with and attempt to resolve the matter or have it be an albatross about your neck and negatively impact your Christian walk and prayer life. Accept Scriptural correction/guidance. Control your tongue. Turn away from sin and those that you have sinned with in the past. Humble yourself and pray for a spirit of humility. Judge not lest you be judged. Focus on your marriage and spouse not allowing anyone to interfere and as a couple seeking God’s guidance over your marriage and praying daily together. Increase your prayer life and make those prayers effectual. Don’t fall into the trap of religious protocols, rote practices and traditions, be, walk, talk, move and pray free in the spirit and allow the same of others. Let God’s Light, not your own shine through you! Walk in harmony with a sweet, sweet sound that is pleasing to God’s ears.



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