All ways give God thanks.

Thank you Jesus for our circumstances. We realize that what is here is what was meant to be. Our acts or lack of acts cause us be right where we are.

LORD I bow before You today, a grain of sand on the beach of life. LORD, my soul desire is to spend all my ways in Your precense, this is possible for You sent Your Word to renew all.

LORD, I ask for forgiveness. My thoughts, my words, my acts, my faith. They are as filthy rags before You. I am laid bare with no covering. I confess to all I have done out of Your will.

LORD I beg of You, make me whole IJMN, Amen

You LORD are my begi

nning and my end. Without You I have nothing. Complete me LORD, place Your cloak of glory about me, I pray that You shine through me, Amen.

Thank you LORD for Your mercy, kindness and Love.

Thank you for the hope you have placed in and on our spirits, Amen!

Thank you for Your AWESOME unearned forgiveness and healing.

You Master are beyond perfect, inexplicably so even in the spiritual realm!

Thank You for the favor you have shown and granted, Amen

LORD, You hold us tight in Your most capable Hands!

We worship you LORD for the ability to praise You in our spirit ceaselessly.

LORD, lift up our community to seek You together, Amen. Use us as You will, Amen

We offer sacrifices of praise as we come to Your house,

We bring before Thee prayers of health, healing, renewal and total restoration in Your will, LORD, to what you created us for, IJMN, Amen

We in faith shall see Your fullness in the physical realm within, in, through and by us we decree in Jesus’ name, Amen.

In faith all Your promises exist already is in the spiritual realm, and we wait on Youin prayer and thanksgiving, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

All praises are due You Father, In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen 🙏🏽

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