As we go forth, we pray…

Heavenly Father thank you Jesus for my this day, waking and existing in Your perfect grace, Amen.

Thank You for family, relations and friends that walk with us in pursuit of You.

Give us this day our daily blessings and forgive us as we forgive each other.

Guard our eternal souls from earthly temptations and destructive desires that damn our mortal souls. Be with us always in mind, body, spirit, walk and talk.

Guard, guide and temper our tongue and tempers. Instill daily in us Your perfect peace and Love. Let Your mind set be in us in all we do. Give us the victory over our situations we battle.

— Employment, depression, anger, frustration, separation, finances, independence, disability, dislike, unacceptance, mobility, loneliness, heartache and loss. You only can do it LORD!

Heal the sick and kiss them with Your Holy Ghost breath and awaken them from their slumber with a right mind, physical and mental healing, build up and heal all Father, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

We pray for – body regenerating healthy, and renewed cells and healing, strengthen me LORD.

Let me stand and remain united with brethren and sistren against all detractors, disrupters and those who seek to undo Your work and our union. Let our union be a blessing – fruitful, healthy, strong — a beacon for all, shine through us we pray in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen 🙏🏽


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