No Mistakes!

Sometimes the road is rough and the going is tough and the hills (of our trials and tribulations) are too hard to climb.

We then question each move we make, like a Grand Master in a game of chess. Looking to avoid all of life’s pitfalls.

Yes, along the way we have skinned our knees, ripped our clothes, shivered with fear and pain.

We were the talk of the gossip, dumped by pretentious cliques and barred or debarred by clans.

We have questioned our journey, joined with others in attacking our character, decisions, choices and self-worth.

We have wrenched our clothes and our souls in both public and private cleansings in a futile attempt to rewrite our story or wash away our pasts.

But God says stop!

I can use this broken vessel to my Glory now.

That fleshy skin on those skinned knees is ripe for molding and healing touch of my Hands.

Those ripped clothes in My Hands will be refashioned into haute couture.

That tear-stained canvas of a face is now primed enough for my life-altering brush strokes.

Your journey was merely the test that led to your testimony, your exposure, your vulnerability that led to me plucking you out from amongst the crowd to be reborn, recreated in my image now!

Those life events were the baking in the kilns of life, the refining and polishing and perfecting of a story, a journey that I had written about and just for you my best-seller, my master piece, my Sargeant Claude Johnson, my Vincent Van Gogh, my Doyle Lane.

My dear friend, don’t you ever discount your journey and diminish its value. You have lived the life God knew you would before He ever released you into this realm.

The criticisms, shaming, accusations, judgmental, verbal tongue lashings you have endured, the glaring eyes, the demeaning words, the laughter, the pain, the “I told you so’s” emanate from the mouths of the cackling hens and unfinished pieces of pottery still stuck inside My kiln. Some of whom may never be finished, or who will collect dust on shelves or church pews, because their tongues wag in and out, preventing them from properly baking shut. So that I can do a great work in them too’

Yes my child, my sister, my brother there are no real mistakes in life, just fearful people unwilling to be taught a redemptive lesson along their journey! 🙏🏽🙌🏽


1 comment on “No Mistakes!

  1. A blessing. A blessing coming your way!


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