Having courage in the face of fear of the unknown is one of the most difficult feats to do!

When all around you seems lost — family, friends, finances, health, home, job, limbs, status — to go forward when your feet feel firmly cemented in the ground of your past existence can be a daunting task. When thoughts and whispers of failure, hopelessness, helplessness, confusion, anger and loneliness are albatrosses attempting to strangle your last breath from your body, use that breath to call out and for the One True Savior, our help in present times…Jesus the Christ!

He truly knows all about your struggles. His outstretched hand wants to pull you out of the muck and mire that, like quick sand, seeks to swallow you whole. As Satan pursues you to destroy or kill you with hardships, unhappiness, death, losses, depression, heartache, disease, uncertainty, lack…Jesus stands at the ready to guide you, uplift you, comfort you, renew your spirit, revive you, restore you, heal you, Love you and fill your every need!

Jesus will fill you with the miraculous courage that enabled Him and the disciples to stand in the face of death knowing that God’s got this!

He will be with you, go with you, stand with you, help you, cover you, send you a fresh anointing of His Holy Ghost Power, guide you, nurse you, feed you and carry you safely through whatever you face in this realm.

On the Ash Wednesday, as we enter into our High Holy Season from Lent to Calvary, be encouraged no matter what you are facing! For Our God reigns! He sits high but looks low on and over His flock, caring for, tending to, providing for, protecting, covering and relieving our suffering, heartache and pain! He is but a breath away, call on Him while you still can for salvation, if already saved call on Him for help, direction, strength, and that elusive courage you lack in your present situation. God’s promises and His Words are true to all those who have faith in them.

Exercise yours today! 🙏🏽


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