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Your turn! Think this out. Testimony time! Share and bless as you have been blessed! Amen.

OK! We shared this earlier. I just re-read it and decided to throw you all a challenge! Read these…jot them down AND type your answers!
You know what those are?
They give God praise, honor AND you will not believe this! Pleasure!!! Sharing what God has done for you!
The reasons flow! Someone going through the same circumstance, in need of faith – provide the proof. Feed Sistren and Brethren with the fruit of your faith, Amen!!!

Examples that I start of with:
Nature – Bouqets of flowers I’ve given or recieved! A juicy delicious piece of fruit, a bird tweeting, fish swimming…where do I end!

A person – My parents! Without whom I would not be here! Trust me…even when the diagnosis was “it’s all over!” They prayed for me and DID NOT let anything negative happen to me! I’ve got parents, I have got life! I mean that more ways than 1!

Something I can see – Love! Look around, feel around, KNOW around!

A hobby – Writing!

Something I only at the holidays – get together with extended family and friends! Deliciously Love filled, Amen.

A favorite food – 🤔 Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken breast and a side of asparagus! A warm roll and a cabernet sauvignon!

A talent – Praying, playing instruments, entertaining…

Something that makes my life easier – you can’t tell from the above? FAMILY!

Something that keeps me safe – God!!! He has sent His angel’s to keep charge over me!

A happy memory – My ‘dream’ after my accident.

A possessions – My family (Yeah! Boy.)

Something I have done to help others – Pray!

Something about my health/body – I can walk! Lift my hands and praise The Lord! Move! Play instruments!

A gift I have been given – Life! And MORE abundantly, Amen.

Your turn!
You will find so many things to be grateful for! Keep praising, thanking, worshipping God in spirit and in truth! Amen!!!


To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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