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This is profound! Makes you think!


A prison inmate on death row soon to be put on the electric chair was asked his last wish before he died,He asked for a pen and paper and wrote;

Dear Mum,

If the law was fair, today you could be here with me waiting to be hanged together in the electric chair, but since the law is so blind, I have been convicted for the crimes we committed together.

Remember Mum, remember how it started. Do you remember the day I stole my friends sweet, you didn’t punish me, you only said I was young, Mum remember when I used to steal dad’s money but you didn’t report me, remember at 15 when I stole our neighbour bicycle I hid it in our garage you saw me and kept quite I was with you and later I sold it to scrap you did nothing.

Mum the day I was suspended from school for smoking and dodging lessons dad wanted to punish me but you stopped him, remember very well that day you had bitter argument with dad because you supported me saying that the teachers were wrong, and when me and my friends broke into Jimmy’s shop did you call the police?

Remember I was hidden at home. MUM, you never guided me, I was just a child,a little young boy who needed your guidance but you loved me so much and never corrected me and now its your love that has made me to die of a shameless death in this electric chair being convicted for the crimes we commited together.

Your loving son.

To all parents out there ,let’s guide our children well, If your child does something wrong purnish them, help them to choose well from good and bad, help them to learn. Don’t love so much to extent of spoiling children.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child” Proverbs 13:24


To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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