Be The Church!

Anyone can write or quote scripture! Satan knows it better than you or I.

We can write flowing verses, replete with praises and proclamations but if we live a secret lie we are an abomination unto God. A blemish. A false witness. A phony.

Going to church won’t save you! If you give your life to Jesus you are then adopted into His family. But our work does not cease here.

We must Be The Church at all times in our words, thoughts, actions and deeds.

We must model The Church in us. Be a Living, breathing Witness who not only can give a Good Word in due season, but more importantly models it everyday in all we do and say with the emphasis on “do” the action verb.

What good are you to The Kingdom if you bear false witness, sin repeatedly, harbor ill will to your neighbor, take communion and know you have hatred or dislike for your brother or sister you can ‘see’ with your own eyes, while professing Love for a God you have never seen?!

Paul writes about ‘dead’ churches, but it is not the physical building he speaks of, but the ‘deadness’ in you, in your witness in the secrets you harbor, in the sins you repeat, while professing deliverance. For your vows to Him and your family that you waffle on.

There is no Part-Time Christian my brothers and sisters! It is a Full-Time job you signed up for.

Be The Church as you walk this Christian journey beginning at home, where charity/Love begins with your wife, then your kids, next your parents, siblings on down!

Going to church and not being The Church in ALL your interactions with your spouse, children, in-laws, parents, siblings etc. is an abomination in God’s sight!

We go to church for community worship but the truth is you should be all prayed up, praised up, worshipped filled everyday and especially before you Enter His House, which we are to “enter His Courts” with praise.

Church is a hospital for sick people. Go on mission and make the “church/hospital” a visiting one because The Church is you!


Published by Fellowship of Praise

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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