In thinking of ‘technology’; I realized that my generation like EVERY other generation is at an awesome day/time.

I will start and speak personally on my own behalf – Videos/pictures: Movie projectors/Slides which had to be sent away for processing! VHS, Betamax – Movies? You had to stick them in!

Do I ‘age’ myself? Not really! We all can say what has changed in our day/time. Trade used to be the exchange of goods. Money arose as a tender for goods and services.

Watch! Money is on the way out. What exactly: “So that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”
Revelations 13:17

Digital input? Now it is ‘Money’ and when ‘Money’ ceases to be? At this point can you purchase or sell without money? Makes you think 🤔. There will unfortunately still be illegal tender, but will it all be along the lines of ‘criminality’?

Microchip implant (human)

  • A human microchip implant is typically an identifyingintegrated circuit device or RFID transponder encased in silicate glass and implanted in the body of a human being. …
  • The first experiments with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) implant were carried out in 1998 by the British scientist Kevin Warwick.

I in no way wish to speak of something that is not or will never be! The following link is simply a very distant glimpse into what is and will be… https://www.americanexpress.com/us/foreign-exchange/articles/international-trade-and-technology/

microchip is a small, electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder that is about the same size as a grain of rice. … The chip transmits the identification number to the scanner, which displays the number on the screen. The microchip itself is also called a transponder.

I was in the field of Medicine; in a trauma if there is no ‘awake’ individual to give a history: Allegies, Medications, PMHx. What would be the next best bet? Even if there were an individual available documented history is seamless! A history is key to care of the individual.

In our society today EZPass, Highway cameras, ability to track individuals. A credit history demonstrates transaction, time and location. Now, if stolen it is simple to state you had no access to the Materials utilized at the time of any event.

We are testing longevity and utilization of the microchip. They can easily break, fall off, or even the name or phone number can wearoff of the tag over time. The microchip is permanent and can’t be separated from the pet. If your dog or cat is lost or stolen, the chip and it’s registration is definitive proof of ownership.

An intense debate is under way over the benefits and drawbacks of human microchips. They’re already used to identify ranch animals and pets, but the practice of implanting chips in people is also on the rise. Those who embrace the idea say they see it as a way to take back control of their personal data.

A significant document is a consent form. Every chip inserted is at the approval of the individual into whom it is implanted. Just as you must be 18 and above to vote; an understanding of the process, you will be asked for consent for insertion.

bitcoin. The definition of bitcoin is a publicly-owned, digital form of currency that uses cryptography (information security algorithms) to securely send and receive payments. An example of bitcoin is the digital money that can be allocated using a cell phone to donate to an Internet site such as Wikileaks.


LP/SP – Records for music! Uhh, no one heard of digital?

Games- Tic Tac Toe, Crosswords, hopscotch… What do we have now? iPads, iPods…Where do I start?

I truly could go on for days! This is in MY time! How cool were Records, Casette tapes, CD’s, DVD’s?

I was ‘silly’ enough to think my kids would appreciate DVD’s after my ‘long’ time off after my accident, uhh! I was very, very WRONG…Digital makes the day!

This brings so much realization! ‘Gone’ for a ‘short’ period – I will agree, where I was in the coma ‘Time’ did not exist. I invite you all if anyone knows of ANYONE at all who has been or is in early recovery after a coma to describe ‘Time’ in the coma! Even we, are coat in a spiral of sun rises and sun sets, 7 day weeks (if a central authority added an 8th day, it would change everything MTWTFSaSu uhh! what would you call the 8th day of the week? How did Man come up with a 7 day week? Every thought of that?
Yes! A year is the time it takes for the planet Earth to circle the Sun once. A year is the orbital period of the Earth moving in its orbit around the Sun. Due to the Earth’s axial tilt, the course of ayear sees the passing of the seasons, marked by change in weather, the hours of daylight, and, consequently, vegetation and soil fertility.

More careful observations led to the geocentric model, in which the sun takes just over 365 days to move around the Earth once relative to the background stars. The length of the year was known to be about 365.25 days since the times of the ancient Egyptians. There are several ways to measure a year.

Yes! I could get all technical here. But, each day births a new chance for failure, disappointment or success and joy. What is your part in all of this/that?

You were born, you exist! Question: Why?

I KNOW we have touched on this many times in the past. WHY ARE YOU? Mind you, I did NOT ask HOW are you. I simply asked WHY you are. A VERY complex question! So, children? Why? Job? Why?

These are always in the back of our minds behind the “What do I have to do, cook, buy, eat, pee/poop…. TODAY?” Isn’t that the SAME question that you woke up with yesterday?

So very simply I ask YOU; “WHY are YOU?” What is your purpose in life?

Let go of thinking there is only one purpose for you and embrace the idea that our purpose in life is to love life fully by putting ourselves into our life! … To lead a purposeful life, follow your passions. When we live a passion-filled life we are living onpurpose, and that is the purpose of life???

In all, our purpose in life is to do everything to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Matt Slick in What is the meaning and purpose of life? explains: In other words, our purpose is to praise God, worship Him, to proclaim His GREATNESS, and to accomplish His Will.


The primary way God speaks to us is through the Bible. This means that one of the first things you should do in your search for God’s purpose is to start digging into scripture. … God’s word brings light to paths that otherwise seem dark.

I am aware that this all seems driven to a point, it IS! Why, again I ask are YOU? Every situation and event has led you to where you are now! AND? What next?

So here it is brothers and sisters: The purpose of a huMan’s life. The purpose of a huMan’s life is to become the absolute strongest that they can be in all facets. To meet EVERY day fighting and becoming better in some way, shape, or form.

It goes on, I am aware that this is a distinct blip in the understanding of what is and what will be.

In a Nutshell. The four most relevant types of moneyare commodity money, fiat money, fiduciary money, and commercial bank money. Commodity money relies on intrinsically valuable commodities that act as a medium of exchange. Fiat money, on the other hand, gets its value from a government order.

Advance? Bitcoin, just as I in my day have seen significant shifts in technology the future moves toward digital. Bitcoin. The definition of bitcoin is a publicly-owned, digital form of currency that uses cryptography (information security algorithms) to securely send and receive payments. An example of bitcoin is the digital money that can be allocated using a cell phone to donate to an Internet site such as Wikileaks.

Your mind is a computer. Your brain is the hardware. Your mindware is the software. You have unconscious and conscious mindware. Mindware processes the world. It contains thousands of programs. Many are created in childhood and become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Your unconscious mind is the master. Unconscious mindware drives 95% of beliefs and behaviours. Unconscious mindware processes of all the information you receive. It selects what you consciously recognise, react to and processes.

11,000,000 bits/second enters your unconscious mind. 126 bits/second goes to your conscious mind for action. There are 3 types of programs which filter your reality.

Instincts – All humans share instincts, which have high priority over our perception and responses.

Preferences – We each define our own unique preferences for motivation, work style, communication, management and more.

Experimental – These programs filter our perceptions of our reality based on our learned/past focus and expectations.

We have the knowledge to shift our programs. When we shift our experimental programs, we can and so change our reality. We have the power to control our world, through our minds.

Here are 3 tips to shift your programs :

Focus on What you Want – The mind does not process negatives. :I can’t lose this deal” is “Lose this deal” to your unconscious mind. Say “I will win this deal”.

Shuffle the Deck – Your unconscious mind sees what it expects to see, based on patterns. Change the way information is presented to see new trends & opportunities.

Ask Questions – Statements focus our unconscious on the subject. Questions activate our conscious mind to explore new insights.

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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