ONE person? So many will ask😶 if it were you, what would you say/do?

Even this moment; what are your hopes and dreams? We all have hopes and dreams! Wishes? You get the picture! Where are you now, where do you want to be? An everyday/always question! Get real. Do you not want to eat, drink, be fed? How? As a child you are provided by your care takers when you are deceased you will be taken care of by a caretaker! Never thought of this? A ‘play’ on words that is missed by many. Where did ALL come from?

No matter how it is described, stated all comes from something:

  • Afrikaans: opsigter
  • Amharic: caretaker
  • Arabic: المشرف
  • Azerbaijani: sorğu
  • Bashkir: ҡарауылсы.
  • Belarusian: наглядчык
  • Bulgarian: пазач
  • Bengali: তত্ত্বাবধায়ক
  • Bosnian: čuvar
  • Catalan: provisional
  • Cebuano: caretaker
  • Czech: správce
  • Welsh: gofalwr
  • Danish: vicevært
  • German: Hausmeister
  • Greek: φροντιστής
  • Esperanto: domzorgisto
  • Spanish: cuidador
  • Estonian: majahoidja
  • Basque: atezain
  • Persian: سرپرست
  • Finnish: talonmies
  • French: gardien
  • Irish: airíoch
  • Scottish Gaelic: caretaker
  • Galician: conserxaría
  • Gujarati: રખેવાળ
  • Hebrew: המטפל
  • Hindi: कार्यवाहक
  • Croatian: svjetioničar
  • Haitian: moun k ap okipe
  • Hungarian: gondnok
  • Armenian: բակապանի
  • Indonesian: pengurus
  • Icelandic: umsjónarmaður
  • Italian: custode
  • Japanese: 管理人
  • Javanese: pekuncen
  • Georgian: მოამაგე
  • Kazakh: қараушысы
  • Khmer: ចាំផ្ទះ
  • Kannada: ಉಸ್ತುವಾರಿ
  • Korean: 관리인
  • Kyrgyz: смотритель
  • Latin: custodem
  • Luxembourgish: Hausmeister
  • Lao: ຜູ້ດູແລ
  • Lithuanian: prižiūrėtojas
  • Latvian: sargs
  • Malagasy: ny mpikarakara
  • Mari: ончышо
  • Maori: kaitiaki
  • Macedonian: вршител на должноста
  • Malayalam: caretaker
  • Mongolian: асрагч
  • Marathi: काळजीवाहू
  • Hill Mari: смотрительжы
  • Malay: caretaker
  • Maltese: gwardjan
  • Burmese: အိမ်စောင့်
  • Nepali: caretaker
  • Dutch: huismeester
  • Norwegian: vaktmester
  • Punjabi: ਦੇਖਭਾਲਕਰਤਾ
  • Papiamento: cuido
  • Polish: dozorca
  • Portuguese: zelador
  • Romanian: îngrijitor
  • Russian: смотритель
  • Sinhalese: භාරකරුවා
  • Slovak: úradníckej
  • Slovenian: hišnik
  • Albanian: kujdestari
  • Serbian: надзорник
  • Sundanese: caretaker
  • Swedish: vaktmästare
  • Swahili: caretaker
  • Tamil: காபந்து
  • Telugu: ఆపద్ధర్మ
  • Tajik: смотритель
  • Thai: ดูแลผู้ป่วย
  • Tagalog: bantay
  • Turkish: bekçi
  • Tatar: смотритель
  • Udmurt: смотритель
  • Ukrainian: доглядач
  • Urdu: نگران
  • Uzbek: darvozabon
  • Vietnamese: caretaker
  • Xhosa: caretaker
  • Yiddish: ופזעער
  • Chinese: 看守

There is a reason I shared this ‘taste’. Who/What is the Caretaker of ALL?

‘Caretakers’ in The Bible

The duties of the caretakers from the descendants of Merari included the boards of the tent, its bars, crossbars, sockets, all its utensils for their services. Numbers 3:36

Solomon has a vineyard in Baal-hamon. He entrusted the vineyard to caretakers each one is to bring 1,000 pieces of silver in exchange for its fruit. Song of Songs 8:11

But they may be caretakers in my holy place, and overseers at the doors of the house, doing the work of the house: they will put to death the burned offering and the beasts offered for the people, and they will take their place before them as their servants. Ezekiel 44:11

Yet I will appoint them as caretakers to have charge of the temple, for all the service of the temple and for all that will be done in it. Ezekiel 44:14

An in depth peek into caregiving (or should I say ‘Taking’. This makes it even more complex! Care taker vs. Care giver 🤔 Are we who are given Care, not a Care ‘taker’. Makes you think about a Care – ‘giver’. I guess that explains the difference between caretaker (you are gone) and care-giver.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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