Do you pray?


Part of being a Christian is humbling ourselves and realizing that without God, our lives truly mean nothing. We are to acknowledge that we have made a conscious choice to turn away from the bad deeds and sinful habits, and we have turned to the holy life God has presented before us.

Can you name one Miracle/Deed? Test of time has proven that these truly did happen! We have had 2K + years to disprove them – cannot be done. Even as they were done “crucify Him”, they yelled! “A pain…”, “Who does He think He is?” “We already have ‘religion’, does This Fellow seek to rewrite His-story?”
YES! His-Story was rewritten!
Yes! We are born in and with sin! Yet, a Man Who lives as we do, rose above what we deal with. And was killed for it 🤔

Father, I humbly present myself as one who has chosen to turn away from their sinful ways. It is a choice I made when I chose to follow You and LORD, it is a choice I intend to abide in. Father, help me to walk in a way that is worthy of this calling. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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