Future? Or now???

I have mentioned a ‘few’ things over the past almost decade.
This was after my car accident and my experiences since.

One thing has become clear. I was in the practice of Medicine – Minimally Invasive Surgery.
More significantly is that I was pronounced secondary to head trauma. I cannot remember the events pre collision. I thought I was taking a ‘nap’ pre surgery the next day…busy, busy, busy…I was.

My dream is shared at injesusname.blog more significantly I thought and felt it was a dream.

I was shown a few things. I point one out here. Implanted identification. Money becomes a thing of the past. Information, bank, employment are all on the world wide web! Those words are significant WORLD WIDE! Very few things can state to be as far reaching (Except The Word)… translated into each spoken word and braille, vocal and otherwise!

In the future, an RFID chip implanted into your hand, between your thumb and your index finger on the back of your hand, could contain a lot of useful information – that you usually carry around in your wallet or purse.

I will not ‘bore’ you with details.

It took twenty years but the group did create a chip so small that it easily passes through a hypodermic needle… Sanders, known as the microchip inventor whose chip is now called the Mark of the Beast, designed the chip to be powered by a tiny lithium battery that could be recharged with body heat.

Implantation costs $150 to $200For humans, the chip implantation cost would be $150 to $200, said Angela Fulcher, an Applied Digital spokeswoman.

Imagine going to the store without your wallet! The norm. Driving without your license? The norm. Traveling without your passport? The norm!

So, if you are in an accident and unconscious…information, who you are, address, past Medical history, allergies, meds, dosages? Easy!
Anyone ever heard/read: “…so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark…” Revelations 13:17

A simple concept really. We used money and still do! But in its eventual absence or cessation, what we just shared is a mite bit advanced, a chip that you are “implanted” with by your consent that will make things “swimmingly” easy.

Panic?! I laugh, this exists already:



We could go on. I have observed as this moves to the forefront of technology.
The above are confirmed…

To leave you with a few thoughts:



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