“I really don’t believe He ever was but…”

Something potentially disastrous occurs “Jesus!” you scream!

What?! So, only when things are amiss do you turn to a fallacy?

So, if you are passing beneath where there is work directly above…precautions are in place! But…

Where do we start our days? By The grace of The never seen…

Believe in The Word!? EVER been disproved? There is Science, and/so??? Conreteness in Science?

Many people assume that the discoveries of modern science have proved that God of the Bible does not exist. Ever since Galileo showed that the earth revolved around the sun, science has been demonstrating that the Bible is in error and the God of Scripture does not exist. Scientists no longer accept the idea that the universe was created in only six days a few thousand years ago. The scientific community rejects the idea that a great flood covered the earth in Noah’s day. Modern humanity no longer has a mythical view of the world with heaven above and hell below. Consequently, the Bible and its God are to be rejected.

God Was Necessary In The Past

It is argued that in the ancient world, the idea of God was necessary because superstition abounded. However with the accumulation of knowledge we now understand that achievements once attributed to God are merely the products of natural forces. Since we now have a scientific understanding of how the universe functions we do not need to resort to believing in God to survive. Science and reason have prevailed; superstition has not.

There Are Misconceptions About The Bible And Science

However the idea that science has shown the Bible to be wrong and the God of Scripture non-existent is incorrect. The problem lies with misconceptions about what the Bible really says, and what science has proven. Science has not removed the existence of the biblical God. There are scientific theories that attempt to explain all reality apart from God, yet these are merely theories, not incontrovertible scientific fact. To the contrary, recent scientific evidence only bolsters the case for the existence of a Creator.

Furthermore, a correct understanding of what the Bible really says will remove some of these misconceptions about what Scripture really teaches (We have dealt with many of these issues in our course: The Bible and Science: Are They In Conflict?)

There Is No Ultimate Conflict

There is no ultimate conflict between the God revealed in Scripture and the findings of modern science. God’s existence is not refuted by any discovery science has ever made. To the contrary, the more we know about how our universe works, the more evidence we have in a Creator.

There Is Nothing Scientifically Absurd In Scripture

In addition, there is nothing in Scripture that is scientifically absurd. This is not true of other sacred books written at the same time as the Bible. Only the Bible, and the God who inspired it, have an accurate scientific view of nature and the universe. There is an unfathomable difference between the Scripture and all other so-called sacred books.

The Bible Has Anticipated Modern Science

When the Scripture is studied carefully we find that some of the discoveries of modern science are actually anticipated in Scripture. This includes laws of sanitation and regulations regarding the non-eating of certain foods. Before these truths were discovered by modern science, the Bible commanded its followers to put them into practice.


Although much of modern humanity rejects the God of the Bible because of so-called scientific evidence, the case against God’s existence is getting weaker by the day. Contrary to popular opinion, modern science has not ruled out the existence of the God of Scripture. To the contrary the evidence makes it more and more clear that we are here as a result of God’s special creation rather than by some chance of evolution. The Bible itself contains nothing scientifically absurd but actually anticipates some of the discoveries of modern science. The truths about God and His creation that are revealed in Scripture can still stand up to the most rigorous scientific questioning.

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