When we ‘feel’, we should think, “What are ‘feelings’?” Knowledge? Emotions?

So, what is “Waiting on The LORD”?

Does everything have its ‘time’?

TIME, n. L.tempus; tempora, the falls of the head, also tempest, Tempest. Time is primarily equivalent to season; in its original sense – opportunity, occasion, a fall, an event, that which comes.

1. A particular portion or part of duration, whether past, present or future. The time was; the time has been; the time is; the time will be.

Lost time is never found again.

God, Who at sundry times, and in divers manners, spoke in ‘time‘ past to the fathers by the prophets. Hebrews 1.

2. A proper time; a season.

There is a time to every purpose. Ecclesiastes 3.

“The time of figs was not yet.” Mark 11.

3. Duration.

The equal and uniform flux of “time” does not affect our senses.

Time is absolute or relative; absolute time is considered without any relation to bodies or their motions. Relative time is the sensible measure of any portion of duration, by means of motion. Thus the diurnal revolution of the sun measures a space of time or duration. Hence,

4. A space or measured portion of duration.

We were in Paris two months,and all that time enjoyed good health.

5. Life or duration, in reference to occupation. One man spends his time in idleness; another devotes all his time to useful purposes.

Believe me, your time is not your own; it belongs to God, to religion, to mankind.

6. Age; a part of duration distinct from other parts; as ancient times; modern times. The Spanish armada was defeated in the time of Queen Elizabeth.

7. Hour of travail.

She was within one month of her time.

8. Repetition; repeated performance, or mention with reference to repetition. The physician visits his patient three times in a day.

9. Repetition; doubling; addition of a number to itself; as, to double cloth four times; four times four amount to sixteen.

10. Measure of sounds in music; as common time, and treble time. In concerts,it is all important, that the performers keep time, or exact time.

11. The state of things at a particular period; as when we say, good times, or bad times, hard times,dull times for trade, &c. In this sense, the plural is generally used.

12. In grammar, tense.

In time, in good season; sufficiently early.

He arrived in time to see the exhibition.

1. A considerable space of duration; process or continuation of duration. You must wait patiently; you will in time recover your health and strength.

At times, at distinct intervals of duration. At times he reads; at other times, he rides.

The spirit began to move him at times. Judges 13.

Time enough, in season; early enough.

Stanley at Bosworth-field, came time enough to save his life.

To lose time, to delay.

1. To go too slow; as, a watch or clock loses time.

Apparent time, in astronomy, true solar time, regulated by the apparent motions of the sun.

Mean time, equated time, a mean or average of apparent time.

Siderial time, is that which is shown by the diurnal revolutions of the stars.

TIME, v.t. To adapt to the time or occasion; to bring, begin or perform at the proper season or time; as, the measure is well timed, or ill timed. No small part of political wisdom consists in knowing how to time propositions and measures.

Mercy is good, but kings mistake its timing.

1. To regulate as to time; as, he timed the stroke.

2. To measure; as in music or harmony.


TI’MED, pp. Adapted to the season or occasion.


TI’MEFUL, a. Seasonable; timely; sufficiently early. Not much used.


TI’MELY, a. Seasonable; being in good time; sufficiently early. The defendant had timely notice of this motion. Timely care will often prevent great evils.

1. Keeping time or measure. Not used.

TI’MELY, adv. Early; soon; in good season.

Timely advis’d, the coming evil shun


From today onward where the legs of man cannot go grace will take you there, Amen. Where the hands of man cannot reach God’s favor will be available to you. You are blessed, your breakthroughs will be irreversible in Jesus’ name, Amen.

You shall beg to feast this year on what is divinely set in/on your path, Amen. You shall not be ashamed this season, you shall not cry over your loved ones this season, you shall not be mocked this season, you will not be a victim of thieves, fire, trauma and any form of evil this season – behold, the devil prowls like a hungry lion seeking whom he may devour – stand in faith, possessing your victory, Amen. It is there, has been there, will always be! It is for you to reach out and posess it, Amen.

You shall be great, fruitful, victorious, celebrated, successful – thriving in good success, favored and blessed abundantly in Christ Jesus, Amen.

Have a blissful day and productive working week with song’s of victory of Hallelujah of Dominion with glory ahead and great, testimony filled turn arounds in Jesus name, Amen.

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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