Love…What is it? Physical? Deep and wide, Amen


Holding hate in your heart for ANYONE and claiming that you Love God is impossible.

We are taught to love our neighbors, our enemies, God, and last but not least, ourselves. How can we love ourselves and hold hate towards another person? Jesus lived His life and showed us how to live ours. Through words, thoughts, and actions, we must pursue a life of love/Love, not hate.

And we pray:

I Love You, my God, my HeavenlyFather, my ALL. You are my beginning, my end, my present. Life is complete as I walk with you, be blessed Father LORD, I am in Love, Amen.

I want to know this at every moment, spreading Your Love through my own thoughts, words and actions. Forgive me for holding hate in my heart for others, and help me amend the hateful words and actions that I have said and done. I ask that You help me Love all around me and myself, in a way that You find holy I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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