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Faith. It is done, Amen.

How peculiar the phrase “purged our sins” would seem in this list of attributes and actions of Christ would seem if we were not so used to the idea! He who possesses and reveals perfectly the nature of God the Father, who created the world by his mere command, and who sits even now ruling over the universe at his Father’s side, “by himself purged our sins.” He who was higher than the heavens stooped to bear the sins of his people to the cruel cross of Calvary, there to purge them all away in the flow of his precious blood!

And we pray:

O risen Savior, who once bore the wrath of God in my place on Calvary’s tree, you are exalted far above all and yet are lowly of heart and full of compassion. You combine in one Person perfect humanity and perfect divinity. In you, love and truth unite in perfect harmony; in you, majesty and humility embrace and hold sweet communion. May we see in you all of this glory, and may the sight of it transform us and excite in us a spirit of true worship and reverence.


To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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