FACT! Amen. We decree it, recieve it, proclaim it, believing ALL things in AND through Christ Jesus!!!


Wow, Hallelujah! This says so very much! With God I can do ALL things in God’s Will, Amen!

The Bible is filled with numerous moments of assurance for our lives. God loved us so much, and desired our salvation so much, that he gave up his Son so that we could be saved. This one act is enough to convince us that nothing can ever stand against us. We can do all things through Christ – so long as it is to the glory of God. We can face all kinds of rulers of darkness and principalities, boldly, because God is always with us and that will never change.

And as we give praise and glory to The Creator of ALL things visible and invisible, Amen.


Dear God, I thank You that I find my confidence in You Father – my Creator. Lord, time and time again You have given us every reason to trust in You and never doubt You. No dark power or force can ever prosper against me because we are backed by You, The Almighty God. Father, I pray that if there is ever a time challenges try to overwhelm me, may I be reminded of this truth: that You are always with me and that will never change. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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