Folks, let us pray…

We are in a ‘season’. We are covered by The blood of Jesus.

LORD ALL-MIGHTY Father, we bring You praise as we lay prostrate before Your Essence that covers ALL. There is NOTHING and will NEVER be ANYTHING remotely as unto You Father.
we give You ALL the praise and glory ONLY You deserve. You have placed seeds in the gardens of our lives. LORD cause us to till the earth to the benefit of those who come behind us. May they be greater, in You, for You and in the Knowledge of You.
we ask that You cover us ALL with The blood of Jesus. You are The Provider. As You have spoken good success is ours, we shall have ALL our needs supplied according to Your Riches in glory seen and experienced in Christ Jesus.  ALL our needs are met, Amen.
You Know our EVERY need before we ask it. ALL glory to Your Essence as we are told to ask AND by Your grace, we shall recieve, Amen
We give You ALL The glory for our offspring. We commit them into Your Loving Arms and declare Your Word upon each one of them: Your angels shall encamp about them and deliver them from ALL harm and danger we give You ALL glory Father. ALL their needs are met.
We give You our ALL, use us, possess them, wild them, place Your Word on their lips and instill in them an unquenchable thirst for the knowledge of Your Essence.  Father as they search for You, give them a hunger that is spiritual. No man could EVER be satisfied with knowledge of Your Essence.  Pour forth in them. Their going out and coming in is by Your grace.
At school, cover them at home, fellowship with them. Father, when Moses met with Your Essence, he was seen to shine so that he covered his face when he went forth. Father. If it is Your Will, cause us to shine With Your grace, Love and movements. We declare Your Word that we shall run and not be weary, be provided and not need. Allow us to be blessed in the presence of our enemies and naysayers that they by Your grace shall hunger and come to the knowledge and service of You.
Father, You know our hearts; let us pray unceasingly and without season to Your Essence, Amen

Published by Fellowship of Praise: ALL praise to God our Reason, Hallelujah!!!

To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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