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Do we always speak as it is…

Is a ‘lie’, a lie? At times we may tell an untruth to survive. Never really as things ought to be, but read on…

This was spoken to Abram. Amazing that The Almighty spoke with Moses. We in fulfilling our reason are tried.

This share focuses on God Speaking and sending Abram forth, yet to save his life and protect Sarai his wife, he spoke unclearly about his marriage with Sarai and the Pharoah took her as one of his harem. All things happen for a reason and in a time of famine and having left his father and kindred, God blessed Abram.

According to the book of Genesis, Abraham left Ur, in Mesopotamia, because God called him to found a new nation in an undesignated land that he later learned was Canaan. He obeyed unquestioningly the commands of God, from whom he received repeated promises and a covenant that his “seed” would inherit the land.

God revealed himself to mankind. God speaks with Adam and Eve in Eden (Gen 3:9–19); with Cain (Gen 4:9–15); with Noah (Gen 6:13, Gen 7:1, Gen 8:15) and his sons (Gen 9:1-8); and with Abraham and his wife Sarah (Gen 18).

God Speaking with Man:

God Knows everything about us and more. His plans for us are always for peace and out of Love – never for our destruction. God has always been concerned about saving His children, and save His children He did. What a Loving Father we have found in the Almighty God.

And we pray:

Dear God, I thank You that Your plans for my life are always to prosper me and for the sake of peace. Thank You, Father, for Your endless Love that has saved me. Were it not for Your Love, Lord, I do not know where I would be. In Jesus’ name, I pray, praise and give unending praise – my center, my all, my reason, Amen.


To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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