Ok…for the young brain-iacs. So, apart from what we do… A good Christmas break challenge.

Ok, a few pretty cool learning points:
What is cool about the grand canyon? What makes it grand?
So, is Mt Kilimanjaro the highest point on Earth?
Or Mt Everest?
How high is it?
What is the second highest point?
Why I ask?
Chimborazo taller than Everest?

Despite being 2,585 m (8,481 ft) lower in elevation above sea level, it is 6,384.4 km (3,967.1 mi) from the Earth’s center, 2,163 m (7,096 ft) farther than the summit of Everest (6,382.3 km (3,965.8 mi) from the Earth’s center). However, by height above sea level, Chimborazo is not the highest peak of the Andes.

So, what is the deepest point on the Earth? And last question for this morning: what is the Challenger Deep?



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