Favor. We did not ask for it…

Did you know that there are different types of favor?  There is a favor that is granted among men, which unbelievers can have, and there is a favor that is given by God which only the believer can have.  There is a favor for your countenance which means you are a pleasant person. There is a favor for mercy which is the favor that someone would pray for when they have to go before a judge.

There are indeed different kinds of favor.

So what is the meaning of favor?

The dictionary defines favor as:

1. something done or granted out of goodwill, rather than from justice or for remuneration; a kind act:to ask a favor.

2. friendly or well-disposed regard; goodwill: to win the favor of the king.

3. the state of being approved or held in regard: to be in favor at court; styles that are now in favor.

4.excessive kindness or unfair partiality; preferential treatment: to treat some people with favor and others with neglect.

5. a gift bestowed as a token of goodwill, kind regard, love, etc., as formerly upon a knight by his lady.

Biblical definition is similar but there is a difference when it comes to divine unmerited favor.

The favor the surrounded Nehemiah (Neh 2:5), the kings cup bearer, when he asked the king if he could have permission to go and rebuilt the wall was “yatab” which means that he was a pleasant fellow.  It pays to smile and it pays to be pleasant so if you find that you have been grouchy and unpleasant ask the Lord to grant you this kind of favor.  You will notice that people, especially the unbeliever, will change their attitude towards you and you will have favor among them like you never had before.

The favor that surrounded Samuel (1 Sam 2:26) that gave him favor with God and with men is “towb”  This means that he was exceptional.  He had a spirit of excellence which surrounded him in everything that he did so he had favor wherever he went.  In season, out of season, with believers or unbeliever, with God and with men and whatever he touched prospers.

The favor the surrounded Ruth was (Ruth 2:13) was “chen” which means that she was accepted.  Have you ever met someone and they always get in no matter where they go?  They are always accepted.  God grants them a special kind of grace to find favor regardless of race or socioeconomic status. They win at everything without even trying.

Now that you understand there are different types of favor, it is easy to see how unbelievers can become very wealthy and not know the Lord.  But remember, what good is it for a man to gain the world and lose his soul?  There is no unending joy with this kind of favor.

The good news is, God can grant you both!  If Jesus is your Lord and Savior you have the BEST kind of favor! This is the “ratsown” kind of favor that grants salvation for a lifetime! Because salvation is a free gift from God, He is the only one that can bestow this favor.  May this be your highest desire of favor.  This is the unmerited favor of God.  It is granted even though we do not deserve it.  We didn’t earn it.  It was freely given to us because God loves us. If you don’t know 

There are still many other types of favor which we didn’t cover here but you can do your own studying to find out about all of them.

We wanted to share these scriptures on the favor of God.

Meditate on them.  See their benefits and reflect on all the ways God has showed you His favor over the course of your life.  Turn this into praise and thanksgiving to Him for blessing you so abundantly!

“Could you do me a favor?” What is favor?

God’s favor, or grace, is God giving us the ability to do something which is humanly impossible for us to do. For example, it is only by God’s undeserved favor that we can experience eternal life, and it is only by God’s grace that we have the ability to live for the Lord.

Fa·vor/ˈfāvər/ noun

  1. Approval, support, or liking for someone or something.”the legislation is viewed with favor” Similar:Approval, approbation, commendation, esteem, goodwill, kindness, benevolence, friendliness. Opposite: disfavor, disapproval
  2. An act of kindness beyond what is due or usual. “I’ve come to ask you a favor” Similar: good turn, service, kind act, good deed, act of kindness, kindness, courtesy, indulgence, benefit, boon. Opposite: disservice


  1. Feel or show approval or preference for. “slashing public spending is a policy that few politicians favor” Similar:advocate, recommendad, vise, subscribe to, approve of, look on with favor, be in favor of, support, back, champion, campaign for. stand up for, argue for, press for, lobby for, urge, promote, espouse, endorse, sanction, vouch for, plug, push, preferred, favorite, recommended, chosen, choice, selected, most-liked, ideal, particular, special, pet, blue-eyed. Opposite: oppose
  2. (Often used in polite requests) give someone (something that they want). “Please favor me with an answer” Similar: oblige accommodate, gratify, satisfy, humor, indulge. pander to, put oneself out for, honor.

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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