My refuge…


Though David was a man after God’s own heart and trusted in Him, yet, God allowed other men to sometimes persecute him. Yet, David was confident that in the end God would deliver him from all of his persecutors. In like manner, God may allow others to persecute believers, but we should not fear those who at most can kill the body but do no more but fear God in whose hands are both our bodies and our souls.

And we pray:

O Mighty God of David, You are also our God today. Satan, the enemy of our souls, is always intent on persecuting us and would, if it were possible, destroy us. But we know that, though the righteous man fall seven times, he shall rise again. When we fall into sin, it’s in our own weakness we fall; but we do not rest in our own strength, but in Yours. We know that you always cause us to triumph in Christ and by Your grace we will not be discouraged. Amen.

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