The world and The Word.

The world we live in can be incredibly scary. Whether you watch the news or scroll through your social media feeds, you’ve probably seen plenty of instances of a world that appears to have freefallen into chaos. While the circumstances of everyday life can certainly be scary, the Children of God can rest in the assurance that God has promised to protect His people. In the midst of what seems like trouble on every side, the protection that God offers His people allows us to find a place of refuge, hope and peace in a world that offers just the opposite.

Exodus 14:19 (ESV)
Then the angel of God who was going before the host of Israel moved and went behind them, and the pillar of cloud moved from before them and stood behind them

a. Fear causes mob actions without thinking (14:11-12). Operating out of panic never works. Intimidation by others is forced fear

b. Fear raises false accusations against leadership (14:11)

c. Fear causes irrational thinking. It prompts you to go back on wise, well-thought decisions of the past (14:12)

d. You’ve heard of horses running back into a flaming barn from which they were just rescued. Panic makes you lose your mind.

When there seems to be no way,

2. Trust the Lord and be still (Exodus 14:13-14)

a. Refuse to submit to fear and intimidation of the enemy (14:13)

b. Stop, look up to the Lord, and gain His perspective (14:13)

i. “Stand firm”

ii. “See the deliverance”

iii. “The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.”

iv. Moses had God’s vision and gave God’s leadership.

c. Let the Lord handle it and defend you (14:14)

i. As long as you fight for yourself, the Lord will not do anything for you.

When there seems to be no way,

3. Stop whining and listen (14:15-18)

a. Stop crying: Our prayers are often a one-way conversation, as we cry out to God everything that is wrong. He knows our situation. He has not forgotten you. Stop crying to Him and listen for His instructions (14:15)

b. Listen for and obey His instructions (14:16-18)

i. The Lord is practical and at the same time supernatural. It might have seemed kind of silly to Moses to be waving a stick around when the best-trained army in the world was bearing down on him, but the Lord’s common sense rarely makes sense to ours. His ways are higher than our ways.

When there seems to be no way,

4. God is there protecting you (14:19-22)

a. God’s angels stand guard at our weakest point (14:19) (rear-guard)

b. God will places Himself between you and the obstacle (14:20)

When there seems to be no way,

5. God will open a way you didn’t expect. (14:21-22)

a. You’ll marvel at Him. He has your best interest in mind, and His solutions defy human ingenuity or demonic strategy. His solution will blow your mind.

When there seems to be no way,

6. The Lord deals with your enemies (14:23-28)

a. He lets the enemy overplay his hand (14:23)

i. The Egyptians thought that they could take advantage of the dry ground, too, and headed into the sea bed.

b. He watches and works better than we can (14:24-25)

i. God can take apart the very things that give the enemy superiority (14:25). He can use their strengths against them.

c. He can wipe out your obstruction (14:26-28)When there seems to be no way,

7. The Lord will show you His might (14:29-31)

a. When you think about what just happened, you’ll be amazed. Did you see what God did? Did you see how God worked? (14:29)

b. God will show you the aftermath of victory (14:30)

i. The Israelites knew it was not a dream. The bodies floated up the next day and lay dead on the shore.

c. God’s demonstration of power is not for you to gloat, but for you to give glory to Him.

i. Fear gets to its proper place, a healthy respect for God (14:31)

ii. Trust in the Lord and His leadership over you results (14:31)


God will make a way where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see. He will make a way for me. He will be my guide, hold me closely to his side. In love and strength for each new day, He will make a way. He will make a way.

If you’re hemmed in on every side and don’t have a way out. It’s time to watch The Lord go to work on your behalf. If you belong to Him in Christ Jesus, trust Him. Your dilemma may be financial. It may be in your business or with your supervisor. It might be with your health. It might be with your marriage or your children. Here are a few applications from today’s lesson.

  • Don’t submit to fear. Fear will immobilize you, skew your thinking. Panic will cause you to do crazy things.
  • Trust The Lord. Trust His heart. Trust His character. Entrust your obstacle to Him. He can handle it a whole lot better than you can anyway. Admit it.
  • Quit whining about yourself and listen to Him. The Lord has instructions for you in order for Him to make a way where there is none right now.
  • Obey without reservation. Don’t question it. Don’t wait on four hundred confirmations. Obey with abandonment. Your obedience opens channels of blessing from The Throne.
  • Thank Him for His faithfulness. Reflect on His work in your life. Tell your children about how God worked in your life. Tell your church. Tell your co-workers. Give Him the glory for the great things He has done in your life.

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