The Parish Priest of St. Patrick’s Church in Bangalore in India gave a simple advise on what to do during 40 days of lent. He said we should take lots of BEER.


This ‘special’ beer must be based on the following recipe:

B-BIBLE- Read your Bible. This is God’s given time to be spiritually enriched with The Word of God.

E-EMPATHY- Feel and demonstrate empathy for the poor and neglected and do something about it.

E-EUCHARIST- Go for fellowship with other believers frequently (besides Sunday’s.) If possible everyday. A whole lot easier in these covid times. Fellowship is but a videochat away!

R-RECONCILIATION-This is the best time to reconcile with those we have hurt, not talking, seek forgiveness. Restore our relationship with God and one another.

Have a wonderful and joyful Lent and do not forget your BEER.

You also need much of alcohol….

A: Almsgiving
L: Love
C: Compassion
O: Orderliness
H: Healthy relationship
O: Offering oneself to be used by The Father in Heaven (not a ‘simple’ thing!) Seek God’s Face and ask to be used for and to do His Will. Pray always – unceasingly!
L: Listening ear

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To God be The glory. Let us praise God together for His ALL in our lives, Amen.

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