And I will dwell in The Presence of The Creator in my existence, Amen.


Surely The AWESOME goodness and Love of my Creator, my beginning, my reason – my source of knowledge (for God is Knowledge), will surround me, lead me, guide me each and every day of my journey here on Earth, Amen. In Jesus’ name I decree establishing it in the Heaveny realms that I will dwell in The Presence of The LORD always.

God has held me in all my ways; glory Father to You and Your Essence alone. I lay before Your Throne of mercy and grace. I am rained upon with awesomeness, Amen.

Difficult it is for Man to comprehend The vastness of Your Essence. You Created ALL – seen and unseen. The natural from the supernatural, Amen.

In Your ‘time’ Father, Amen. For You there is no ‘time’; where and what we live is but a moment in existence. You dwell in ‘timelessness’! Amen. We ‘live’ in and with time. In Your Presence Father, there is no ‘time’.

🤔 “Wait” on The Lord? The glory! I can waitress/waiter for The Creator of ALL, the glory!!! I am serving The ALMIGHTY, Who is ALL MIGHTY!

God is ALL I need, Amen.
For The Creator has Said…

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